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black dragons


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Ok recently i had a few dragon slayer tasks in a row and that gave me the idea to go on my 1st hunt for the draconic visage. And I do know how to kill dragons effectively but i haven't been to black dragons and i was thinking what should i bring for black dragon trips in the tavelry caves. i plan on using range pots there to speed up the kills and keeping the dusty key that i'd need. but with the 26 other spots what do i fill them with.




(btw my set up will be black d hide for a while until im ready to bring my void there. i will also be using broad bolts or would it be better to use something like diamond E bolts)





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Dude do recipe for disaster and go fight black dragons there. You would be wasting your range pots because youre waiting for the spawns. Stick with broad bolts. If you do go to taverly caves, bring about 500 airs and minds and use the air strike spell to get the dragon quicker. Use void i mean they arent going to hit you. Leave the black d hides on the floor if you are really pursuing the visage.



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