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Spiritual Warriors


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So my next slayer task is Spiritual Warriors. It's the first time I'll fight these. Can I get experience from Spiritual Warriors of any Gods, and which one would be easiest to fight?




What should I bring/wear? And where should I kill them, like is there a specific spot in the GWD.

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Either the saradomin warriors next to entrance, or the ones past the zamorak hp barrier next to zamorak spirit mages.




For sara, wear sara and zamorak items e.g. holy symbol/ unholy/ god cape. Those should be in combat with other npc.




For zamorak, you need zamorak item, you'll be damaged by maces however they are ok clustered together. They do damage often so i suggest guthans.

Total Level 2247- 11x 99s All Combat Skills, Slayer, Summoning, Woodcutting, Herblore

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