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  1. I tried 50 mins there, I got 128 bones = approx 2.1m - Cannonballs x 700 (210k) which nets me 1.9m PER Hour...Needless to say I'm geared for 99s next time I get a month of membership. Edit: 2nd Run got me 155 with 2 min left on 1 yak, subtract the super prayers*6~7 10 dose of OL still nets 2 mill easily.
  2. If only I didn't buy Arcane Blast, I would've gotten CR quicker. Then again 2 more games till the big 85 so it isn't too bad. I did a lot of Solo before Lv80, not gonna do that anymore since its so slow.
  3. Finally obtained Chaotic Rapier!

  4. 1: Farm run 2: construction then dungeon It feels great not needing to do herb anymore and thx guys for the tips :)
  5. I have about 1870 overload (3), those alone are 131m @ 70k per. 1400 super anti-fire 9.4m 1000 spec restore 5.2m 700 super prayer 11k per 7.7m Of course, it is costed far more and pots been sold etc before the overload update. Yea, now to put them to use!
  6. I'm quite happy with this one, as of now, there's a bit under 7k 99 herbalist and I'm glad to finish off. It really dent my bank but I don't care anymore. After I doing a foolish trade and miss out a billion is far more sad tbh. (Traded purple phat for cash and egg couple months before crash) [hide=Oldest herb leveling picture I found][/hide] Anyway rate and I probably won't post anymore in Rate this!! anytime soon in the future.
  7. [hide] It's common in 5 mans, but if you're solo, it's very rare to get tier 11 items. Btw, a Promethieum Spear or 2h is better. (2h if you use tastician/berserker ring) [/hide]I see, I'll damn sure switch to a prom 2h when I get it. For now, I'm loving this.
  8. I actually binded this today, is it rare to get as a drop??
  9. This update didn't affect me since I no longer play, but Jagex must've been high when they thought of it and implement it without using their brains. They chose to act against the whole player base instead of deleting ALL of these climbing boots in everyone's banks, then let each people get ONE pair of these new boots free. The rest at a set price, which is the CLEANEST method. They also inflate items and devalue your hard earned bank for a SILLY bull crap idea that can be come up with by a fool.
  10. No it ain't that bad. If you weren't -1 from totally max Or if you gave up part way, you would have been WORSE!! 10++++/10 for achieving this outrageous goal. :blink:
  11. That's very impressive and superb Kai, so superb that I must post when I saw your post! Now you can take it slowly and finish off that epic 99 eh. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  12. I actually didn't get a game, borrowed from blockbuster. Sequel to Bioshock, Bioshock 2 is a great 10 hour-ish shooter that I strongly recommend anyone to play. I especially like some sequences that require to setup traps n things plus the tempting exploration and perks. The real down side is not 'long enough', then again it's my bad to finish it so early in 2 days @ medium setting :(.
  13. Well for me, around 700m. If I were to guess, a player who has 100m ish or an ags should reach the flat out happiness point. Unless it is a main account which would be around 300m. That's when they realize it's freaking 10 fold in terms of game hours to archieve further items like purple/ higher phats / ely/ divine OR the pursuit of further 99s. For me, keeping this impossiblity in mind got me off RS as well as not having membership... UNLESS there is extra exp events then I would reconsider.
  14. I rented Bioshock 2 weeks ago, really am looking forward to renting Bioshock2 sometime soon, great fun and you feel the developer guys are really into that made it as obscure as hell as (also as addicting as) it can be.
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