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Hunt For Raktuber

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I'm new to making quest guides so this is my first ever one made :)


Sorry there's no pictures/images






38 Thieving


45 Construction


45 Hunter


Sea Slug


Cold War






Step One:


Speak to Larry at Ardougne Zoo. He wants you to go to the area of Witchaven and look for obvious signs of a penguin being in the area. So head off to the south of Witchaven and inspect the massive footprints. Now you should head back to Larry at Ardougne Zoo.




Step Two:


Items Needed: Clockwork suit, Teleportation to Rellekka/Seers Village


After speaking to Larry, the chief zoo keeper puts Larry in a straight jacket, they think he is dangerous. Next a cut scene will happen showing Larry,yourself and the Chief Zoo Keeper at the footprints in Witchaven. Now the Chief Zoo Keeper believes Larry. Now you must head to north-east of Rellekka near to the Keldagrim entrance and take Larry's longboat from the dock.




Step Three:


Larry explains that you must find information about a submarine-vessel and how to stop it. He explains you must disable it first and then destroy it. By now you will get the option to turn into a penguin. You must not have a summoning familiar with you after you turn into a penguin. Now head north-west and look for an avalanche and enter the avalanche. Head into the first room on the west, and trying talking to the captured penguin.




Step Four: Now the KGP Interrogator will interrupt and talk to you about interrogating the poor captured penguin to find out how and why the submarine disappears every time then penguins try to make contact with it.




Time for the interrogation:


After going through the dialogue choose the following Options in order:


'My Captain founded a greater Leader'


'What leader could possibly be better then the Pescaling?'


'The sea may control your captain,but he controls your life'




'He will bring unity by destroying the Humans'


'Why not unite all penguins to the sea first?'


'He's only demonstrating his impatience'




'Nothing Can stop him'


'If he comes to rescue you,he will be captured'




'Our sacrifice will be remembered'


'Our sacrifice? Only you appear to be making the sacrifice'




'The captain must trust you a great deal'




The KGP Interrogator then lets you know you passed the Interrogation test with flying colours. He also says leave the belongings inside the crate alone as these belong to the Captured penguin and count as evidence.




Step Five:


Head to the second room on the east and talk to Pong. He will explain that to get into the war room you will need to get past the guard. He suggests you sing the guard a song/lullaby. Go outside the room and head north until you see the locked gate. Talk to the KGP agent and he will tell you his sleeping routine. Talk to Pong again and he will have a song ready for you but the only problem is some of the words are missing.




You can choose any of the options and once your song is finished and tweaked it is time to head over to the KGP agent and sing the song to him,this should make him fall asleep. Once he's asleep go inside his little office and control the door to let yourself into the war room.




Once past the gates head to the room to the east. Then head south into the room with the submarine prototype in the middle of the room. Speak to any of the workers and choose the option remove clockwork suit. Then talk to one of the workers again and they will explain that there prisoners and forced to work there by the penguins. The penguins have managed to build a large prototype clockwork suit similar to the one you have to wear and found out that the dwarves are skilled engineers.




The workers will explain that they are helping to build a submarine for the penguins and that they cannot help you/teach you to disable the submarine unless they get a clockwork suit like yours and then they'll teach you. Simply run into a penguin while not wearing the suit and you will be kicked out of the place.




Step Six:


Items Needed: 8 silk,4 wooden planks, a needle and some thread.


Talk to Larry, you explain to him that the penguins are building a submarine and that the dwarves are helping them out. You also tell him to disable the submarine the dwarves would like suits like yours to escape with. Larry will tell you need 8 silk, 4 wooden planks,a needle and some thread. He explains you need more silk because the Dwarves are too big for normal person suits. After getting the items the dwarves need speak to Larry again and he will turn you into penguin once more. Head back inside the avalanche and open the door using the control panel again. Head back to room with the dwarves in.




Step Nine:


Talk to any of the dwarves and choose the option to remove your clockwork suit. Now speak to one of the dwarves again and you explain to them that Larry cannot cast the spell since the Dwarves are too far away. If you have the equipment on you now the dwarves will automatically take it and construct clockwork suits out of the supplies. He will hand you a toolbox to use to disable the submarine.




A screen will come up showing the engine panel.


Simply use the wrench to open the wire box cover.


Now use the wire cutter on the wires inside the wire box to cut the wires


Use the wire you have and replace the wires inside the wire box


Now use the tape on the wires inside the wire box


Now use the bellows with the pump pipe.




Use the bellows until the gauge enters the red area. Then turn the wheel until the arrow reaches the green area if you happen to go past the green area simply just use the bellows again. After that pull the lever and it will be time to go. Now you must speak to Larry to inform him of your progress.




Step Ten:


Speak to Larry,you tell him everything that has gone off so far and he will tell you to talk to a penguin called 'Noodle' not 'Poodle' like Larry said. Accept the chance to turn into a penguin again,you will find Noodle just outside the avalanche. After going through the dialogue the penguin named 'Noodle' will hand you an I.D card used to enter the information room. You need to find a room with lots of offices and penguins wandering around. This room is the room on the east when you enter the avalanche. Make your way east to a room with a door be careful though because I think if the office penguins spot you they will kick you out.




Once inside search the sorting table and you should find a telegram which will post the location of the Submarines last sightings. You will have to sneak out or the office penguins will kick you out and take the telegram off you. Head back to Larry and show him the telegram




Step Eleven:


Larry tells you make sure you have everything you need and then meet him in Yanille. He also tells you to get the Conch Shell and the Fish Hat. Go back into the avalanche and go into the room on the west and search the table to get all the items you need. Now head to the east coast of Yanille. Larry can be found far east of Yanille. After the dialogue get into the clockwork suit and make sure you wearing the Octopus hat then blow the Conch Shell to make the submarine appear and let you get on board.




You need to perform an emote so the submarine can emerge and let you on board. You need to perform three moves in succession to be allowed on board. The moves in order are:










Items Needed: Swordfish, Seaweed, Electric Eel, Shark Tooth, Crab Claw


After performing these three emotes you will finally be allowed on board the submarine. Once on the submarine head up the ladder in the first room and then head all the way east through two doors and you will finally appear in the captains room, a dialogue will automatically start. The captain thinks your planning on killing him and you get two options either to lie or to be honest and tell the truth. if you decided to lie to Captain Marlin he will calls his guards and will take your toolbox to stop you from sabotaging the submarine. Enter the submarine again and you will be trapped in the prison, search the hat stand to find a series of items you can use.




Use the swordfish on the locked gate and inspect the engine panel again.


Use the crab claw on the wire box


Use the puffer fish on the Pump pipe


Use the swordfish on the lever box


Use the Shark Tooth on the box of wires


Use the Electric Eel on the wires to replace the wire


Use the seaweed on the replaced wire


Use the Crab Claw to make the lever go up and down




The submarine's engine is finally sabotaged and another cut scene appears, you appear on a remote island and Larry is hold hostage by Penguins.




Talk to the Polar Bear called chuck and he will explain all. Another cut scene will begin. You will appear back at Ardougne Zoo and after the dialogue the quest is complete






1 Quest Point


3K Construction exp


2K Thieving exp


1.5k Hunter exp


Penguin Hunter Expansion


Penguin Hide And Seek Bonus


Polar Bear



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Overall, pretty good :) Mine was posted just a few minutes before yours. You can update yours, like I will mine, that the emotes given are different for each person. Also, which Fish Hat did you have to use? I was just wondering if it was the same for everyone. Mine was the octopus.

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Overall, pretty good :) Mine was posted just a few minutes before yours. You can update yours, like I will mine, that the emotes given are different for each person. Also, which Fish Hat did you have to use? I was just wondering if it was the same for everyone. Mine was the octopus.




Thanks, I never realised we both had mad guys until I finally posted mine, I never knew the emote were different for each person that's worth noting. I believe the fish hat is the same for every person mine too was the octopus.



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Hunting Penguins




I did some research into the rewards from the quest:




Talk to the Polar Bear named Jim to the north-east of Larry's longboat on the ice burg, he will mention that he wishes to still infiltrate the penguins. He also says there's a new ice burg north which is connected to the Penguin Outpost and the penguins have bought reinforcements. He then says that he has got equipment for you to practice hunting and tracking penguins. In exchange for experience he wants to you to hand over the KGP agents.




To start this simply just across the stepping stones to the east of Jim the Polar Bear. Once you've jumped the stepping stones you will unlock a new music track 'Ice Day For Penguins'.




If you have 50 hunter you can use small fishing nets and rope to make traps like you do when catching salamanders. If you catch nothing simply pick up the small fishing net and rope again and make a new trap. Catching one using this method earns you 250 hunter experience per penguin.




At level 45 hunter you can use the tracking method which involves using a noose wand to inspect burrows and snowdrifts for footprints. This also earns you 250 hunter experience for managing to track down a penguin.




If you have 51 Hunter you can use the dead fall traps to trap penguins. There preferred bait is raw cod. If you need wood you can simply search the ruined boat as described below. Doing this earns 210 hunter experience.




After you have some KGP Agent penguins take them back to Jim the Polar Bear to exchange them for experience.



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Thank you for the information you have provided


It's always nice for other people to confirm things,


I was in a bit of a rush when finding the information about hunting the penguins after the new quest, so the results may not be entirely accurate.



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