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Anybody remember the old TIF?


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I'm talking like early rsc old. REALLY old. I'm setting up a phpbb board, and I was wondering what ranking images the old TIF used. I remember what they looked like, they were really small stars that had a sort of shadowy looking line. I remember the set came in gold (it was a really popular set, and gold was the most popular colour), but it also had a (red or blue, can't remember) shiny star that was animated.




I looked through all the star ranking images listed in the phpbb database, and unless I missed one, none of them were correct. I'd like to stress the size, these were no bigger than the -.- smilie. Sorry for being so vague, it's kinda hard to describe it beyond "a detailed star shape". I don't necessarily even need the name, if anyone has a screenie of the old TIF, I can recreate the set from just one of the images. Thanks in advance for anybody who can help




(Sorry if this is the wrong section, but from the names + summaries of the various subforums, this looked like the most appropriate one)

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Like ScapeBoard?




Archive.org has extensive records on scapeboard, but a lot of the links are broken due to phpBB coding that adds a huge hash like f9637a97f155bcf1ab0b70179bbb9738 at the end of a lot of URL's.




Since the scapeboard domain went down & host refused to return us any databases, that's all there is to it really. Archive.org is your only shot at trying to find a pre-2004 topic






I have everything that was on archive.org, so if there is something you are looking for then give me a PM.




Below are links to old posts by or featuring Andrew, Paul and Rob/Rab (Moderator) which I assembled a while ago:




Andrew C. Gower:


Full Investigation (2001-06-02)


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Read - Paying for Runescape is here (2001-10-04)


now that there are 4000 magic spells (2001-05-24)


Beat this signature :-) (2001-03-17)




Paul J. Gower (AKA Shark):


An old item that I believe to have been discontinued. Plz help Paul or someone!!! (2002-05-23)


PEOPLE! Knock it off with the wrongful termination BULL! (2002-05-30)


The Wipe, Herblaw and plate on the new Pures (2002-05-31)


ponderings about dragonquest (2002-06-05)


Just seein why i got banned, if anyone knows :) (2002-04-12)




Crafting discussion (2002-02-20)


Serious problem with banks going from p2p too f2p..paul or andrew please read (2002-04-17)


i guess paul and the mods for the game dont care about peeps giving away cahracters... (2002-03-14)


Easter eggs, christmas crackers?.... What about the jews? (2002-04-01)


p2p off highscore list? (2002-04-09)


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Rob Law (AKA Rab / Moderator):


in 2 days i will be the fastest person in runescape history.... (2002-04-04)


OMG! I found the Underground Farm..! (2002-03-13)


Whats Java4x (2002-04-13)


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i figur'd out who hacked my bro. (2001-04-20)


First post (2001-03-26) - P3, P4, P5


Sexual Harresment / Moderation (2001-03-14)


LEts vote for the nicest person! hehehe (2001-03-17)


Who has the best smithing lvl right now and what is the lvl? (2001-03-19)


IDEAS (2001-03-19)


i would like to know who is with me and light and who is with robin :) (2001-03-20)


To All Wanderers (2001-03-20)


Lightning has been KILLED!!! (2001-03-20)


Interesting pictures (2001-04-06)


THIS SUCKS!!!! (2001-04-07)


level-requirments on armor - a way to make everyone happy (2001-09-06)


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Sorry guys. (2001-04-08)


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I saw a fake Moderator... (2001-04-20)


The items white knights drop (2001-04-22)


How did you get your wonderful runeacape name? (2001-04-30 )


Share your own funniest newbie moment (2001-04-04)


Thank you to tripsis for an awesome sig!

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