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need advice on lvl 102 p2p pker


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Get mage up, leave your def where it is and get attack to 80. Definitely get prayer to 60 for Chivalry as its only 2 levels away, but look at how many combat levels you;d gain getting 70 and work out if its worth it or not.

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Train magic... 80 will help you...


70 prayer will also be very useful


I guess ags isn't 7m... probably d. claws aren't 7m either...


Whip + DDS, Torag's plate, Verac's Skirt and Helm of neitiznot + Legend's cape / Maybe god cloak, Dragon Boots + Glory for PK, RFD Gloves and Ring of Life :)


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Because Magic is 3/4 of your magic defence... If a guy would decide to barrage you? or by whatever means cast a negative spell on you, your magic *as high as possible* would help you resist the spell.


A guy with 1 magic with full dhide is more vulnerable than a guy with 99 magic in whatever negative magic defence armor.


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I think 70 pray mightnt be worth it. The battle would be long over by the time your prayer drains. Whip + dds is a good combo, but watch out for high mages at your level




Btw, what was your method to train str to 99?

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