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[found] evel 98 looking for a social clan

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hello, I have been playing this game since runescape was less than a year old off and on. i'm lvl 98 combat with 1383 total level. Im working on getting my mining up right now and sometimes noone is on to talk to so im looking for a clan that i can talk with and maybe do some group activities with. every now and then i will be willing to go do some clan activitey, like clan wars or castle wars or stuff like that. I don't want a clan that requires me too be on certain times becasue i live a sporadic schedule, but if im on and everyone is doing something i would usually be willing to help.




I am usually a very loyal clan member in games, so if your clan sounds right for me, please let me know.


(in game name: trunks the16)

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How to Join | Forums | Runehead ::.-




warjt8.gif Introduction warjt8.gif


.:: About TRR ::.


TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Every member is welcomed into the family, no matter how new to Runescape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed environment, in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of Runescape to have fun?




By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played Runescape. Many people believe having no requirements is one reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal. We help each other out, whether it be in Runescape or real life situations.




warjt8.gif Key Information warjt8.gif




.:: Clan Leaders ::.


Tragic Shadows




.:: War Record ::.


[ 3 1 - 0 ]


.:: Clan Cape ::.


Team-33 (Green)


.:: Home Worlds ::.


P2P: 64 | F2P: 93


.:: Alliances ::.




.:: Primary Time Zones ::.


GMT | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific


We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.


.:: IRC Channel ::.




.:: Clan Chat ::.


The RS Rebel


.:: Base Type ::.


F2P & P2P


.:: Memberlist ::.




.:: How To Join ::.






warjt8.gif Requirements warjt8.gif


.:: We'd Like You To... ::.


Maintain RS and forum activity.


Attend as many Runescape events as possible.


Show respect to all members and staff.


While on Runescape, use our clan chat and/or IRC channel.




warjt8.gif Events warjt8.gif


.:: Overview ::.


Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events. Our clan puts it's members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be. We only ask that you're mature and respect everyone else in the clan. We welcome and encourage members to host and create their own events!




warjt8.gif Media warjt8.gif




.:: Videos ::.


KBD 1 | KBD 2 | KBD 3


Clan Wars 1 | Clan Wars Practice |


Green Dragons


How To Join TRR


1st Clan Event


TRR vs GoG


*Note that TRR was previously referred to as TR/TM, as referenced in some videos.*



.:: Pictures ::.






Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions you may have on our site. Thank-you! If you have any question just message me in the game my IGN(In Game Name) is Constancio92 then from there i'll guide you on anything you need to know.


We hope to see you soon!


The RuneScape Rebelz Clan Leader

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We would love to have you in Bloodshed Empire. We are a 90+ combat clan with over 50 active members as well as other random people who hang out in our channels that love talking. We have many weekly events and we understand that no one will be able to make EVERY one of them, and that real life is much more important than a game. If you have any questions feel free to head over to our forums, PM me here, or PM me in runescape, my RSN is Ericd014.




Thanks for you time.











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We're quite a social clan, we have events once a week, around the 10am (GMT) time. A large group of us are Australians (or Oceania), but we're getting alot of new members from other corners of the globe, so you won't be short of people to talk to ;)


Also have people interested with everything in Runescape- Some for Pking, merchanting, skilling, monster killing, questing ect.


Interested? Read ahead :)





Note: If you do join Mechstop, after being referred from this page. Please mention in your introduction(optional) that you were referred by "Roanlo Zolo" from the Tip.It Board. It will help me, and will also tell how effective this thread is.




Two Recruitment Videos:


[hide=]First one Done by Kluxklux (aka Harley)


and the second one done by Cathrine1616 (aka Kate)








Ello fellow readers, and hopeful new member of MECHSTOP :thumbsup:. Mechstop is a fairly new clan in runescape and has been alive since July 2008. Our clan is one of those special clans that allows almost all members of the runescape public join. We are a F2P and P2P clan, and as such; we have both Free-player and Member events. Currently our events work as Week 1=F2P and Week 2=P2P, but we are trying to expend ourselves to have more events ::' As current a majority of our clan is Eastern Australian based(+10GMT), as result, our events match that those time-zones better, but we are welcoming people from all time-zones to join. 8-)






There is no skill or combat requirements to join Mechstop as we are just a friendly community at heart :mrgreen: . However combat levels make an advantage with some of our events and Wreckstop pking trips. I put a strong emphasis on the following however; Attend our weekly events at least 1 time a month, join in discussions on the forums, and be active on our Clan Chat channel "Mechstop". :thumbup:


Our requirements are not extremely high, as i know you all have lives outside the computer(I'm in grade 11 doing studies atm... i get it :shock: ).






Wreckstop is the official name given to Mechstop's Pking fan base. It was established on the 28th January 2009, running smoothly as current.


Wreckstop is a tank clan, and to us you are not a tank unless you are 70+ defence. So don't bother reading the rest of this if you are 69 Defence or below, you simply can't be accepted, sorry for any inconvenience :( . (70 Defence will be used for Barrows gear)


The minimal requirements for Wreckstop are as follows


Melee Based*


70+ Attack


80+ Strength




Magic Based*


82+ Magic


70+ Ranged




Range Based*


80+ Ranged


70+ Magic




Please note


For all options you must have at least 70+ Hitpoints, and any Prayer level will be accepted. (52+ Preferred). Also, feel free to have a combination of both Melee/Magic and Ranged if you want, we're not holding you back. Smiley




Full details and requirements can be found at http://www.Mechstop.com/Wreckstop




Rune-Head List




You can directly go to THIS LINK to view Mechstop's Rune Head List.


Alternatively, below is a picture of our Rune-Head Signiture.








I as well as a few others are part of the Event organizing team at Mechstop. As mentioned above, we do both F2P and P2P on consecutive weeks. In the future there is a possiblity of more events each week as well as more events to suit your time zone. We try and make each week different with different mini-games and activities. Here's a list of some of the things we have done:




Clan Wars


Fishing Trawler


Castle Wars


Wilderness survival


F2P/P2P scavenger hunt


Soul Wars


Stealing Creation


Burning the grand exchange ::'


Runescape Boss Extinction


Funorb multiplayer games (Enhanced with Ventrilo :mrgreen: )


and more! \'




We also have a event suggestion area of the forum, where you can post your suggestions for one of our next events. If it becomes popular, we may make it an event =D>





The following are pictures that the community has donated to me to use. As people will post pictures for each weeks event. I will be adding pictures to this section every week.




[hide=The picks]mechstopdiedz.jpg


At our first scavanger hunt.




Our 2008 Christmas March




We had a air crafting event, this was some of us around the alter




Our lovely clan chat




At our 2nd(P2P) scavanger hunt. We spent some time getting an awesome shot :thumbsup:




Our Wilderness Survival event. At top we have the particpants. In bottom left we have the winners. Cathine1616 who came first. Moneybag325 came 2nd. And Roanlo Zolo(me) came 3rd




Our giant Congo line in the wildy 8-)






Our recent King Black Dragon Event. Which turned out to be more of a "kill every boss in runescape" event :P




Our Epic score of kicking the KBD to death




Our big spins. Woh.. i'm dizzy[/hide]




[hide=The picks! Part 2]f_Easterm_38d6cca.png


Our 2009 Easter March event. All over the f2p world:) We gave Easter(Chicken) eggs to all the boys and girls :o




The Big marching line




Our little slaughter fest, when we reached Falador




Bounty Hunter survival(Similar to Revent survival, but with players). Just before the leave.




One of the places we ventured during the hike.




Runescape boss hunt 2. Preparation for the Kalphite queen.




The group waiting for the Kalphite queen to respawn




Runescape boss hunt 2. The second monster was the chaos Elemental.




During the Choas elemental strike, we encountered a Revent Knight.




A shot from our Stealing Creation event. The winner of a guaranteed event poll[/hide]





[hide=]One of our major video contributors is Kate (Cathrine1616)




F2P Survival Event 2




April 09 Event Courtesy of Moneybag325(Aaron)




Bandos TripCourtesy of Bubbleclan (Surfbabe54)








We at Mechstop also have our own Ventrilo sever! So if you have a microphone(or if not) you can chat to other clan members with your own lovely voices :lol:


If you have already downloaded Ventrilo, all you have to do is:


Type vent.mechstop.com where it asks you for the 'Hostname or IP'.


Type 4293 where it asks you for the 'Port number'.


[hide=Ventrilo Picture]f_ventrilom_10de83f.png[/hide]






Mechscape is a revolutionary new MMORPG frrom the makers of Runescape. It has been under development since 2006.




So far all that Jagex has told us is that it will be completely different to any MMO currently out there! You will be able to play as four different races. The first two of these races will be Humans and 'Pliigi', while the other two races are currently unknown. The map of Mechscape will be at least the same size as Runescapes current one. Jagex have said that Skill Progression will be completely different to any other MMORPG currently in existance, although they have not told us how.




The Beta Version of Mechscape will be available to existing Runescape Members first before it is available to the General Public.




As of release Mechstop will become one of the first Fan sites for the upcoming game Mechscape. This will not effect our Runescape Clan activities as we will double between a fan-site and Runescape Clan.



Leader/Administrator and Creator of Mechstop:


Da Dark Scar [kerian]




Global Moderator(s):




Nmealtime [Greg]


Aaron [Moneybag325]


Roanlo Zolo [Dylan-Me]


Antny234 [Anthony]




Event Organizer(s):


Roanlo Zolo [Dylan-Me]




Cathrine1616 [Kate]


Kluxklux [Harley]




Antny234 [Anthony]





Mechscape Researcher(s):




Cool man 360








thorax339 [Adrian]



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Thank you for your interest in the Soldiers of Fury! We are an up-and-coming 80+ clan with experienced leadership and friendly members. Want to have fun? Like chatting and making friends? Love tons of fun events? Well Soldiers of Fury may be the right clan for you!




We have been around for only a short time (a few months) but we are already flourishing into a clan for the ages! SoF makes sure that all members feel they belong. We will not ignore you if you have a question, and we all love chatting with others. Soldiers of Fury would love you to join our family!






The requirements to join SoF are 80+ combat only, no exceptions.




Here is a step by step picture guide on how to apply successfully to SoF


http://z3.invisionfree.com/Soldiers_of_ ... wtopic=246




The Clan Chat is: SoF CC










SoF prides itself on making events that are fun and unique. We have an experienced team of 2 players, (Duncdar/Tjst5) who work hard and make SoF's events ones that will be remembered by all who attend. We hold at minimum, 3 events a week. Our events are both F2P and P2P so every player has choice. Some of the events we hold are:




Clan Wars


Castle Wars


Fire Fests


Pk Trips


KBD Trips


Duel Tournaments




Cabbage Bombing


GodWars Dungeon


And much, much more.




Here are a few pictures/videos from past events:


SoF vs YG










SoF Firefest










SoF vs IK (Video)












So what are you waiting for? An awesome clan is waiting for you, so scroll back up to the top of the topic and click the forum button. On behalf of the leaders below, we hope to see you join soon and thank you for reading our recruitment topic.






Duda The God




Helder 21


X 0ak Man X






Loot Rune G






Event Coordinators








Recruitment Officer


My Wc3r Noob




Member of the Month






PS: If you need any help, just add Any of the leaders or My Wc3r Noob ingame, and they will give you further assistance.





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Hey phantom16, we aren't a very big clan (yet) but I love chatters LOL. Well unless I am running from SC pkers then I am like OMG...run for your lives!




Anyway, if you want to check us out feel free to drop by our CC. We are usually on in the evenings EST for now, but that may change as we get more diverse members. Hope to see you around and if not, have fun. Oh yeah...and I also have been playing since the RSC days...LOL...OMG they brought back fatigue...only better LMAO...Huggles!








Okay we are small now, we can't give you the hugenosity of the other clans but...being small has advantages. No clicks, more influence from members (we listen to you for events and what you want to do), and a great place to grow with us. We are dedicated to a drama free, fun, and active place where members can kick back and hang together, train, fight, vent about life in general, vent about runescape, brag about drops and kills, or whatever your fancy maybe.






Well we do have requirements but, we are kewl if you are kewl so everyone is encouraged to apply and grow with us. We have a rank for members who don't quite meet our requirements but still want to join in on all the tiger games, post on the forums, chat and what not. But to join these are the requirements:


* Must have either 90+ combat or 90+ highest skill.


* Must be sponsored by two other members of the clan (if you come to clan chat and talk with us, this shouldn't be an issue. We want new members but understand we don't want the people that are a few beers shy of a six pack).


* Must complete a test your might goal that is approved by a golden lion (leader rank). Our first tiger leveled 10 (went from 2015 to 2025) to join...what will your test your might be? If you don't meet our requirements then of course, your test your might goal should be that at the least.


Register with your runescape name on our site below and fill out the application. Of course as with any site you register using your runescape name DO NOT use your runescape password. This is for your protection. We require runescape name so we can validate your stats, make sure you aren't on another runehead list, etc.







* Website: http://z3.invisionfree.com/WTC/index.php


* RuneHead Members List: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wushutigercl


* RuneScape Wiki: http://runescapeclans.wikia.com/wiki/Clan:Wushu_Tiger_Clan


* Clan Chat: WTC Chat


* Clan Leaders: Darzle and Goddesselene


* Ranks:


cubicon.gif Cub


Cubs do not quite meet our minimum skill/combat level requirements to join the clan. They will be allowed to participate while they grow. They must have as their Test Your Might goal a minimum clan requirement to join. They will be in trial mode unless the Golden Lions determine their accomplishments outside of skills is worthy to let them be ranked regardless of skill/combat level.




risingicon.gif Rising Tiger


Rising Tigers are the newcomers to the clan. These new monks are required to prove their might to the clan (minimum 4 weeks but ultimately Golden Tiger's Discretion). At that time, Golden Lions will review their behaviors to determine if they are worthy to be adopted into our Temple. There may be a possibility the Rising Tiger trial period is extended if the Golden Lions feel it is needed to determine if the fit is right for our clan.




prowlingico.gifProwling Tiger


Prowling Tigers are the bread and butter of the clan. These are active monks who participate in Temple events, appear on wtc chat, or just hang around spamming our quiet temple (ha ha ha!). Without them, we wouldn't be able to take over the many worlds of RuneScape. Respect starts here.




restico.gifResting Tiger


Resting Tigers are monks who have decided to give up the Shaolin way to tour the real life world. We welcome them in our Temple at all times, for they will always be with us. Many times they have served their time in the clan, and should be respected accordingly.




warringico.gif Warring Tiger


Warring Tiger have demonstrated their monk might and loyalty such that fellow monks in our Temple have deemed them worthy to help make our Temple stronger. They take on extra responsibilities such as recruiting others to join our clan, some moderation power to make sure our monks focus rage on outsiders not each other, and sometimes back up as ambassadors in the event the Wise Tigers or Golden Lions cannot attend neighboring ally discussions. They may spy on other clans to gather information for war, coordinate events, or anything else that is needed of them from the clan. Honor them, for they are of officer rank and serve our Temple for five months. They may also nominate themselves for this position.




wiseico.gifWise Tiger


Wise Tigers are an elite group of monks, who have not only proven themselves within the clan, either in wars, activity, spy missions, or bonds with allies and the Golden Lions, they have earned the respect of others in the Temple to have been voted and nominated into this position. Wise Tigers have to be recognized by another in the Temple and cannot post themselves for the position. They are ambassadors in times of peace, generals in times of war, and true leaders of the clan. Honor them, for they are of officer rank and serve our Temple for five months.




glico.jpgGolden Lion


Golden Lions are the founders of the Temple, built the training grounds brick by brick. Respect them for their position because if it wasn't for them, this clan would not exist. But in the same token they are also members of the clan and are expected to be respectful to all in our clan and guests. However, there will be times when we will have to agree to disagree. If that is the case, the Golden Lions will meet and decide what is ultimately best for the clan.










Asians for the win!!!

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