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Green's 99 construction party!!!!!

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Hey guys im green bird25 and i've been working on costrution for about 2 months(includes money making) now and its finaly time for me to get the big level!






Come help me celebrate my awsome new cape!




When: Next Tuesday at 8:00pm est




Where: Meet in lumbrage and we shall parade to the zoo where i will spend a penguin point to get 99 construction, then run back and buy cape, then we shall go to my house!(yanille)


wld 103




Why:because im getting 99 construction!




Who: I's sorry guys, but if your under level 3 you can't come to my party






~~~~~~~~~~~~whats going to happen at my house~~~~~~~~~~~




I have a nice dungion, and i hope to have a steel dragon by the time i get 99




I have a gilded alter, but i won't be able to light my burrners, sorry




You can also make every tele tab in my house
















Q.Did you use sacred clay hammers?




A.Yes, i averaged 23 points a game with my best score being 124k.






Q.How much did you house cost?




A.50m to get to 99, and 45m to make my house nice.






Q. How did you make all that money?




A.40m form hunting dragon imps and 55m from merchanting






Q.Why construction?




A.Because i love the cape and emote, and i like to show off my money










Thanks everyone who can make it =D!

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