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50 or 60 att?


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This is the first pure ive ever made so i dont really know what im doing too well, but i think im doing ok so far, my stats are:




50 att


50 str


1 def


70 range


70 mage


15 prayer


61 hp




Im still working on how im going to pk, but my main way will be ancients and range. But i also want to be able to pk with melee too, so i was first thinking that i was going to stay at 50 att and get 85 or so strength. But i also forgot that the waterfall and death plateau quests give you attack experience, which would send me over 50 attack, but still keep me just at 51. So my question is, should i keep 51 attack or just get 60, fyi, i would probably use a granite maul (duh) for pking with melee. With my current goals i would also be right around 70 cmbt when i would start pking if i keep my attack at 51. My current/medium goals:




51 att


85 str


1 def


90 range


82-85+ mage


15 prayer (not sure about this either)


80 hp (cant exactly remember)


Somewhere around 70 cmbt




Ill take any suggestions/rates about my current stats or my goals.

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