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Combat Calculator Oddity

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If you examine the calculator the 'Hitpoints:' section seems to have a hyperlink that goes nowhere. It seemed when I clicked it it raised the level of HP to 83. I'm not sure if this is a huge issue, but it's just something I noticed.



I must admit, that's certainly something. Excuse me while I wipe my drool off the floor.
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This is the result of our newly implemented "estimated hp" function. People have expressed the desire to get an estimate of their hp level when they use the calculator, so we've implemented it one week ago. Clicking on hitpoints shows this estimate, as is described right under the calculator.




If you are testing various level combinations, you can get a calculated ESTIMATE of the hp level by clicking the word Hitpoints in the calculator. This is not guarenteed to be accurate, as there are many methods of training that can cause your actual hp level to be different than the calculated level.
When everything's been said and done, more has been said than done.

All skills 80+


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