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Aviansies and 26king


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Well, i'm trying to get back on my feet, and the two ways that i think are the best for me are either aviansies or 26king.






1. What is the best method for me, probably tanking (87defence) but I do not have an armdayl item, and I do not plan on doing the quest to receive one, and with a 4mil budget (literally nothing else) I do not not what to do. Praying maybe?


2. An affordable set up most likely for prayer would be appreciated






Is it better to stay within the range of your own combat?


Do I bring 26k for my partner or is he/she bringing her own?


What am I to be wearing/using while doing this?


Should your target have a high EP aswell? How do you get EP up?




Thank you! I hope I haven't asked too much

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At 85 def I do pretty good with decent tanking gear (Torag Helm, Sara/Zammy Body, Torag Legs, granite sheild) Just be sure to bring good food for the beginning attack when they all want to attack you. Also try to stay in one area so they dont become re-aggressive and remember to bring a Zamorak and Sara item. NEVER GO INTO THE EYRIE WITHOUT AN ARMA ITEM, the mages will rip you apart.






Try to fight people close to your combat level or higher, it seemed that I got better drops killing my lvl 138 friend than a lvl 100 I just met.


Usually you provide your own 26k and your partner provides his/her own to keep it even


Wear a good weapon such as DDS to quickly ko your opponent, and be sure to have melee protection on while you kill him to discourage PJer's


Your target doesnt have to have high EP for you to get a good drop, only you do. You get EP up by standing in outside of a Safezone, your EP goes up faster if you stand in a hotzone

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