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Can I turn this account into a good pker?


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Hey guy's. I've been thinking of turning my account into a Crazy good Pker for awhile now, but I don't know If It's possible with my 70 defense. I also don't really know which which type of Pker (if possible with my stats) to turn my main account into. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated :thumbsup:. If possible, please recommend something below 105-110 CB (That's without summoning included.) Money is also not really an issue.


Here's my current stats:


75 attack


77 strength


70 defense


65 range


53 prayer


62 magic


18 summoning


92+2 CB

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you cant be range based because of your att/str, so your best option since you have 70 def is to max str and get 85ish attack...or keep at 75. and 70 prayer for piety. and at least 82 magic.


32,606th to 99 magic || 15,388th to 99 dungeoneering || 12,647th to 99 farming

14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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