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Ortiz 9471's First PK Video - Dh/Vls/Claws - Great KO's

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I'm just copying/pasting my RSC post ;P




Yes, it's all edge pking.


Yes, I'm a no-namer.


Yes, I made the video and editted it myself and have never done so before.


No, I didn't make this and did not post it for e-fame.


Yes, I realize I'm not the best pker in the world and I never claimed to be.


If you don't like any of the previous statements don't bother posting.




And if you want to flame my pking style, let me say this.


I've pjed maybe a total of 3-4 fights in my life. I've probably lost about 100 sets to pj'ers.


I've never tellied from a fight in the new BH but I run when I'm out, sometimes, depending on how much I respect you and if you would do the same.


I take lots of risks on low hp and end up dying more than I get kills but it's all worth it for some really good ko's :lmao:




Anyway, I've been pk'ing for probably 4 years now but it wasn't until the last year that I really got into it.


After a while I started vidding and from the past few weeks I realized I had 90 kill clips so I went and took a few hours to make a video (after making this and deleting some that weren't good ko's I still have about half left..)


I had so many clips that most are just a few seconds then a KO, I didn't want to waste valuable time with 0s ;P


It's nothing fancy, just having a little bit of fun :)


For the vast majority of the clips I am 121 (133 p2p) combat and 96-96-99 but a few of the earlier dh clips I am 119 and 94-94-99


I just sold all my pk gear today and bought slay gear for maxing combat so I figured I would put my clips to use :$




Well, here it goes :whistle:




Youtube link:





Rate it! :D

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Best honor vid i've ever seen. You don't eat when your specing, even if you have under 10hp.








I saw a lot of KOs, but didn't get to see the drops :S




XBL Gamertag = MakesYouScream

WoW = Runetotem Horde - Vidars

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