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LF Bandos Team/Clan

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Hey, looking to do a lot of Bandos coming up and am looking for a team or a clan to do it. I don't do PVP and I'm not looking for any other type of clan besides Bandos or GWD clans. I am already in a skilling clan. I have never tanked before and Ive only really done this with a clan before.




My stats are:


99 att


81 str


81 def


90 hp


70 prayer


68 sum

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hello i am ioioio of bloodshed empire, we are a very active clan for events during the week.


we also have 65 very active member wich are very nice to each another! we would love to have you has are newest member! you would see how lovely we are to each another + we are special, we got cookies ::'












please feel free to stop by in our irc wich is very populated! #bse


and our clan chat wich there are lots of people on it too! clan bse




we are all waiting to see you!




edit:btw nice attack mate :)

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