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Toktz-ket-dill cave repair

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I did toktz-ket-dill quest yesterday... In my haste I managed to pin my self into a corner behind the PILLAR repair spots in room 3 ... I logged out after this intending to come back later ... I logged back on, expecting to be in the corner and need to push pillars over to escape - But no, I was outside the caves, next to the gaurds you talk to to start the quest !! I re-entered and the pillars where still in the correct places and so I didn't need the replacement pillars I had just made !!




I have not been able to test this because I finished the quickly after that.. So I'm not sure if there's a time span you need to wait before server puts u outside or if it was a random occurrence or if it is even repeatable ! Lol




This maybe worth mentioning inguide as a fail safe if a player gets stuck they can log out and back in

wl4xhc.jpg - this may the reason behind the whip changes 0_o


Thnx to kaosmerchant for hosting.



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Give the crew time. As a frequent poster, I know sometimes they get to something and then have to either wait for other users to confirm, or until a crew member can complete the quest. Crew members are users just like you and me, so it's not like they can go back and re-do a quest they've already done. Most of the crew (not all, but most) have finished that quest.




You're probably right, and it would be useful information for someone who got stuck, but before they make a change, they'll have someone confirm it.




Oh, and they do see everything. Trust me. Politeness goes a long way.

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Thank you for your submission :)


With quests, the problem frequently is that most crewbies have already completed a quest and as such cannot verify any submission we receive. However I had not yet completed this quest, and I have verified that logging out will indeed place you outside of the tunnels, right next to TzHaar-Ket-Grol. Any planks and pillars you have already placed in the tunnels will still be there. I can see this being useful if you get yourself stuck and do not wish to push over any pillars.


I have adjusted the quest guide. You have been credited :)

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