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ZOMG! I am BACK! Alghskdj0101 going for more levels!

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ZOMG! After taking a 6-9 month leave of...no RS I am back...and better than before? I got better, bigger goals, more cash and alot...less/more time to spend at my computer staring at a screen. So without further adue....my blog, enjoy!




Ok, as you will have read (I hope) my RS name is Alghskdj0101. If you are wondering how I got this crazy name, simply look at your keyboard and I hope you can figure it out, it's not that hard. I am 15 (yay!) and getting a car soon, live in Maine and play Runescape, and other things.




Enough personal junk, on with the blog!




If you wish to play with me, here is some information for you.




I play on world 76. You will find me mostly at the G.E. or at barrows, feel free to join my clan chat (alghskdj0101) and talk or add me, my list is full of people I don't know that I can remove :).


My clan chat will be titled whatever I am doing, thus you can pop in and find out. I post all pics of major loots from barrows, all levels that I catch, and all that cool stuff that I get. I am working on getting a live runescape feed running so you guys can watch, but I doubt you're that nerdy :).














Errr...yes I firemake in my spare time. PLEASE, if you have ANY tinderboxes, give em to me! I collect them, my current collection total (updated weekly) : 10,001 I want MOAR!!




[hide=Barrows Blog (loots)]Here is where I put my loots. I usually get 4 chests per invontory. Wish me luck!




My invontory:






Trip 1: I guess it's true, blogs are lucky :) First chest I got ahrim skirt.






Trip 2:


Chest 1: 36 bolt racks, runes and coins


Chest 2: runes, and coins


Chest 3: runes, and coins


Chest 4: runes, and coins


Chest 5: runes, and coins[/hide]




I am updating this with more as I think of it, thanks guys (will be adding current levels soon)

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