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  1. Got it after 2K cannonballs used. Oh, and it did not appear in inventory, had to pick it up like other drops. I don't think it's farmable unless some monsters drop them ALOT.
  2. Edit: A handful of ~40 worlds will be taken offline prior to this update. We plan to start shutting those down in about 50 minutes time. :rolleyes:
  3. I miss Old scimitars, 2hs, swords... (New ones are sooo ugly) Old NPCs Old emotes (especially dance emote) Old Seer's village, Varrock, Edgeville, Ardougne... Old dungeons Tutorial island Old rocks Hitpoints skill Time before GE, bank sales, old general stores When rare dragon items were worth something And many more. :roll:
  4. Edgeville looks even more ugly now when using low details. In that HD pic it looks nice though. :rolleyes:
  5. My bank is messy and it is almost always full of useless items. I'm too lazy to pick gold and green charms... And runes. I never go to Miscellania, even if I had money there... Examine everything and looking at players names always. Also having my inventory sorted when doing slayer task etc. Never sell any dragon drops (exept tds drops and boots). Only item I have from dg is gem bag and I don't really use it. I sell every item for like 10% cheaper at ge just to get rid of them fast. I do penguins/circus etc once in 2 months...
  6. I got my very first membership because castle wars but I think I did lost city before going there, just to have better weapons. :rolleyes: Also tried thieving and started to explore places such as Ardougne and Gnome Stronghold (remember getting lost near fishing colony :lol: ). Edit: I can also remember picking up every single item I haven't seen before and putting them to my bank.
  7. I had untrimmed hp, it's pretty easy to get. Haven't seen many of those though. I would say that the rarest is slayer.
  8. Power metal Speed metal Thrash metal Heavy metal Hard rock
  9. I always choose switch. Though if someone who is already there and starts whining before I have logged out, I may stay.
  10. 1. "Hey noob srlsly why u waste ur money?" (When killing metal dragons with mage) 2. "You're lvl 122 and killing goblins? Why?" (When hunting champion scroll) 3. "Champion's scroll?" ( :wall: ) Etc...
  11. Got scrolls from goblin and skeleton today. <3: Need to get scrolls from lesser demon, jogre and banshee now!
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