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  1. I've enforced "D&D" to be used in my clan chat as saying "Dung" is a kickable offense. lol :mellow:
  2. *Stares at Construction Cape* Dammit cost heaps and its a noob cape :wall: On Topic - Fletching was my second 99 and even though not as respectable as agility still a 99. People just are jealous that you have a cape. :---) :^_^:
  3. As a fellow mod i know what you mean. Just dont let them get to you and if they start to get out of control threaten to mute them :thumbsup:
  4. Is Hasing His 99 Construction Party TODAY!!!!! XD

  5. Banned For Banning Him Cuase He Corrected You :P
  6. Wilderness The Wilderness Use To Be Dangerous Cause You Couldnt Teleport Out And You Would Unexpectivly Run Into Another Player. Now People Just Tele Away If There Losing And Thats If The Fight Wasnt Orgainised First.
  7. People Just Cant Cope With Change, This Update Was Made So They Could Use The Skill In The Future, People Are To Impatient To Wait For These Updates So They Complain That It Was Useless.
  8. In My Opinnion, Dungeoneering May Be Fun And A Great Adition To The Game, I Do Not Find That It Fits The Requirements To Be A Skill. Every Other Skill Has A Use And Contributes To The Game In One Form Or Another. Dungeoneering Simply Does Neither. In My Opinion Its A Minigame The Whole Way
  9. Trading Before The Ge, Back When You Traded In Banks, Laws Were 1k Each And There Was No Trade Limit :thumbsup:
  10. :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: Im To Impatient To Get That Much Xp In A Skill :thumbsup: 10/10
  11. Sometimes Jagex Codes Something As Scenery But Add An Npc Called "Nothing" That Is Invisible To Give It A Yellow Dot On The Map (The Reason Is Beyond Me) But I Dont Think This Is The Case Id Submit A Bug Report! ~Calm
  12. :evil: Fletching Happens To Be My Favorite Looking Cape ( After Agility =P ) Anyway The Only Way To Make Money Without Strining Is Buying Maple Logs From Ge Cutting Them And Selling To A General Store! Good Luck! :thumbsup:
  13. How Many Hours On Average Do You Play A Day? I Play About 3 Hours A Day
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