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  1. I don't really understand your point here. I wanted to her to die at axe hut to make it a bit oldschool looking, because I miss the days at hut. If you look my items what I got on they are pretty oldschool stuff too to make the pic look more oldschool, but anyways...Thanks everyone for the nice comments. :P Idk what to do next..Only thing what I've been doing is some lil pking when I log on.
  2. Yea a little history of my Strength, lol. I hit 99 Strength in 2002, idk what was the month, but that was the year :P. When Rs2 came out, I took fast 3 lvls of def and 98-99hp and I was maxed melee. Then I had nothing to do so I started to kill green Dragons with Str mode on...After killing millions of Green dragons I made 36mil str xp. Then came slayer Skill, I started to do that, ofcourse Str mode on, made slayer to 29mil, and reached millions of Str xp. 1-99 STR (with R2h, Dragon Battle axe in classic). 13-36mil Xp (Dragon long). 36-110mil Xp (Dragon Scimitar). 110-200mil xp (Saradomin Sword). That was fast history of my str training, it took me neally 9 years...And I don't have really any skills. I'm combat based. Here's last xp of my STR, good bye I love this skill. Oh forgot to mention. 15th OF RUNESCAPE TO GET 200MIL STR XP. 18.3.2010.
  3. http://[Use Quick Find Code]/c=iYI9Ema7nAY/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?50,51,261,59962525 Support, ty.
  4. It's all ownage, but we still need a F2p World, I don't mind to pay for it like we pay now.
  5. Yea. We still need f2p world, i don't mind paying for to play classic, but atleast one world with F2p rules. :P It's awesome that classic is back.
  6. Just phone or sms them, takes 5 seconds mate :P w00t t00t Classic is finally back! Adx1 & Sue Me needs to read this too. I want them back too. Jagex should still add F2p worlds there, I mean I dont care about paying of Classic, but still two worlds for F2p rules, because f2p pk was the thing. ;)
  7. Nice, but I doubt they do nothing...They have promised that for like 5 years now. :roll:
  8. Nice, but I doubt they do nothing...They have promised that for like 5 years now. :roll:
  9. Sup Omar? How's life threating you?
  10. Sup Omar? How's life threating you?
  11. Prolly Bs Arkan. I had many good friends.
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