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  1. people use it cos it gives a +5str bonus but for pritty much all situations dragon defender beats em both
  2. I support this idea 110% add me to the support list
  3. ok but then what happens ok I'm max stats but no turmoil or overloads look in the bank ok i got no cash but wait i got 100mill in high end gear but wait i cant sell it cos it's now untradble *face palm*
  4. just one question why do you have bandos when you cant wear and imo sell stuff you dont need and buy some buyable 99s plus get all sats 60+
  5. ok im sory but the untradeble items idea is bad that means every single item you get from killing a monster is yours forever say goodbye to the best moneymaker in the game i support the op but not this
  6. but if you talk to him and dont choose the def xp training will u still get the 20k def xp? or only if u choose the def option cause my turmiol zerker i calculated my def xp with the thought that i would get 20k def xp from monkeymaddness but i wouldn't choose the def xp option
  7. I just wanted to say very nice progress and I like the way you write its very entertianing keep up the good work and I'm keeping an eye on this blog
  8. from monkey maddness dont you get given 20k def xp even if you dont choose the def option thats what the tip it guide says
  9. look if you wanna make some cash back go to whiteberries for a couple of hours
  10. i recently started a zerker too my stats so far are def 2 str 40 and att 30 the only def quest i did was that on in lummby grave yard i have been looking for and updated quest guide for zerkers but i cant seem to find one so what quests did you or are you going to do to make your zerker the best it can be any info would be very helpful
  11. well the title says it i cant login on a computer that 3 hours ago would login fine will now log me into the lobby then i click on play now and it says entering game but the loading thing that pops up in the middle of the screen does not appear and then after waiting for 5mins it just appears back at the login screen and ive uninstalled and reinstalled java and im stumped i use firefox on windows xp ideas?
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