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lvl 91 looking for Australian Skiller clan [P2P]

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Hiya all :D




I am a lvl 91 P2P player looking for a friendly, laid back skilling clan based around Australia's time zone [+10:00 GMT].




I can fulfill any of these requirements:




1. At least one level 99 Non-Combat Skill




2. At least two level 70 Non-Combat skills




3. 1200+ total




I tend to focus on one skill at a time, thus why some of my skills are at decent levels and others aren't. I have recently given up on combat, and devoted to skilling, so a lot of my non-combat stats should be on the rise soon. I will be getting AT MAXIMUM a level of 100, if I get my prayer and Summoning to 70. If clans require a combat level any lower than that I'm afraid I cannot join.




I am aiming for a 1600+ total at level 100 or less, and 70+ in all my Non-Combat skills.




Here are my current stats:






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