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Saitek Cyborg Keyboard


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I'm looking into buying this keyboard since I'm getting really frustrated with my current one, and might as well upgrade... Now, here are the questions:




These questions would be best answered by someone who owns this keyboard or has owned one. (I have searched around and haven't found a clear answer for these)


1. What is the macro keystroke limit per key? (e.g. setting up the macro to press "x" number of keys)


2. Are the touch sensitive controls durable or do they wear out in less than 6 months?


3. Do the metal-plated keys flake off the metal after long usage, and if so, are the keys black underneath?




I know that this keyboard has been known to have issues in setting up the software and hardware to run it properly, but I will still be inclined to buy it if I get the answers I'm hoping for on the above questions.




Thanks in advance,


Tribble ::'




EDIT: Just found out from a friend that it's a piece of junk overall since it doesnt last long... Please lock



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