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is there a way to turn this to an amazing pker?


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Since you have such high def already, theres not alot you could do.




Here are the options I could think of:




1: Max out all melee stats (Kinda obvious but would work) :roll:




2: Get 70 or 75 attack, 70 def, and then max out str (Barrows pure)




3: Get 70 Def, then very high range ( 90+) which would make you a range tanker.




As you can see you need to get at least one 99 stat to pk well with your account, that will take a VERY long time :wall: . Also, you would also probably need to get at least 94 mage for vengence for pking at lvs 90+. You'd need to lv your prayer to either 43, 44, 52, 60, 70+ keeping it at 40 is a waste.Overall I'd suggest you just start a low lv pure to pk with. ::'




Hope that helped! :mrgreen:








[hide=My Colour]


Somehow that wasn't a shock... [/hide]

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