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Level 3 looking for skilling clan.

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My RuneScape name is Abbysmal Pk. My stats include 99 Woodcutting, Cooking, and 87 Firemaking and Fishing, I have 1007 total. I am looking for an active clan that has a medium sized community, one that is not huge, but is not small either. My first clan, Peacefull, I found too elitist, too large, and unwelcoming to newer skillers such as myself. I quit, and joined Eternity. I enjoyed my time in this clan, but it died because too many of it's members were either inactive, quit to go hang with Peacefull. So then I joined my current clan, Knighthood. My first clan, Peacefull, rejected it's existence and flamed, trolled, and spammed our boards about how crap our clan was. After this, most members of the clan were inactive, which leads us to where I am now. If you've read this paragraph, you'll have a good idea of what a clan I'm looking for.

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Darkness revoked






Ever wanted a clan with no requirements? Ever wanted a clan that wars and skills? Ever wanted a clan that caters for everyone's needs? Then join Darkness revoked. We are the clan for you with a wide variety of events a good line of staff and an active forum. We were previously called eagles of death until we closed down due to inactiveness now we are back, back with a new name and new goal, to be appreciated by all.




We have no requirements that is what makes us a clan for everyone and different.




As in any clan there is rules and like in any clan we have some.


  • All jagex rules apply
  • No racism or sexism
  • No swearing
  • Be active on our forums by acheiving 10 posts in a week
  • Be active in our cc: darkrevok cc





00 beat 00



Bird boy113


High council:

woodcut hut1





Event council:



Event types:


As mentioned previously we have a wide variety of events these go from skilling to monster killing to wars and cater for f2p and p2p.


An example of some events are below:





Clan wars (fun)

Group fishing, woodcutting, firemaking, etc...

Many other boss monsters

Many minigames


Once again our memberlist and forum:


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