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  1. If you have any questions, feel free to join our chats and ask.
  2. I'm pretty excited for the patch that 343i are going to introduce. I mean, it'll probably only be things to make the game more like CE for the CE maps playlist, however, I'd rather have CE game play than Reach's. Slow kill times, easy ways out of fights, the almighty armour lock, weapon bloom. Not fun for me.
  3. Razer have come out with some Old Republic peripherals. I want to get them, despite how expensive they are but they're not available in the UK yet :cry: http://www.razerzone.com/swtor/keyboard
  4. Got this after looting a bronze chest in the Aether. The silver "dungeons" look really awesome, like temples from Greece.
  5. My RuneScape name is Abbysmal Pk. My stats include 99 Woodcutting, Cooking, and 87 Firemaking and Fishing, I have 1007 total. I am looking for an active clan that has a medium sized community, one that is not huge, but is not small either. My first clan, Peacefull, I found too elitist, too large, and unwelcoming to newer skillers such as myself. I quit, and joined Eternity. I enjoyed my time in this clan, but it died because too many of it's members were either inactive, quit to go hang with Peacefull. So then I joined my current clan, Knighthood. My first clan, Peacefull, rejected it's existence and flamed, trolled, and spammed our boards about how crap our clan was. After this, most members of the clan were inactive, which leads us to where I am now. If you've read this paragraph, you'll have a good idea of what a clan I'm looking for.
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