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Like to pvp? Like to be in vids? Then i need you

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Does pvp intrest you? Are you the kind of person who likes to wipe noobs off the face of the planet? How about god wars? Does the history behind that intrest you? Have you ever thought what it would be like to be in an epic battle, both sides fighting for a god? Well if any of the top apply to you then you might want to read about what i have to offer below.




First off I want to tell you about what i am doing. I am putting together a pretty cool video that has the concept of a threat that could destroy the very existance of gielinor (Aka runescape). Now how does that tie you in? Well in one of the scenes I am having an epic battle go on between Zamorak's army and Guthix's army. Now where are the army's coming from? That is where you come in. I want you to join me in the quest to making this video a reality. I am hoping for at least 60 people (30 on each side) but if i can get 1000 i'd be more than happy (yeah i know thats not going to happen).




All you have to do is reply on this thread and i will add your name to my list. What side you will be on depends on which team needs more people. When i assign you a team i will give you a specific cape and that is the only thing you are required to wear at the battle. you can wear any armour or weapons you want, but please no food or pots.




The rules are these though. You must listen to ME. Even though a chaotic battle is in store, there will be an order to it. The fighting won't start until i say go pretty much. Second rule and this is probably the most important one. Do NOT attack me. I understand it will be very chaotic and i might get hit by stray mutli magic attacks but you will be in a kind of formation that will specify what group of people you will be attacking. Third rule, when i say stop, STOP!!!!




Thats pretty much all the rules. To recap, you will be assigned a team (guthix or Zamorak) and a cape. You will be expected to listen to me at all times. This is open to be a fun experience, Don't ruin it.






20-Jul-2009 00:48:12


So what you can do to sign up is this






prefered team (this doesn't mean you'll get it):


combat level:




Fill that out and your good to go.


As for what day this will be happening, It happens when i have enough people. When you log on join Zooapop cc. You may not be able to talk. If this is the case it's because i have decided that it would be better to keep order that way (I mean how hard would it be for me to talk over 60 people)




The last and final advantage to being in this is you have a chance to be on youtube (note you have to tell me if you wish not to be credited at the end if you wish not to be on youtube) Remember to follow the rules and this will be an experience you shant soon forget

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