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A new quest(not finished)

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Please tell me what you think of it so far.






Quest Name: Song of the Sea




NPC's: Ned, Wise Old Man




Quest Req: Pirate Pete RFD,




The quest start area is south of port sarim and east of thurgo, you can see 2 small islands, the siren woudl be on the second, trying to get a pic






What happens:


1.You start the quest by choosing the "Watch Siren" Option




2.After you choose this a short cut scene begins in which you see the Siren sitting on the small island (combing her hair?) and singing(the words don't have to be comprehensible so long as it is clear she is singing. Increasingly rapidly you character's behavior starts to change, they begin to sway and step forward, saying something like "I've never heard anything more beautiful." But then out of nowhere a crossbow bolt flies at the Siren and just barely misses her, however she turns and dives into the sea. The camera then pans to show Ned holding a crossbow and running toward you, your character then falls backward but is caught by Ned, and the screen blacks out.


3. After you awake you are at Ned's house, he starts talking to you, N=Ned Y=you(duh)


N: Are you all right?


Y: Yeah, but what happened to me?


N: You ran into one of the most dangerous creatures in Gielenor, a Siren.


Y: From what I do remember it didn't look all that dangerous.


N: That's the siren's power you see, it lures unwitting people out into the ocean and under the water, where they drown, still captured by her spell.


Y: But she didn't cast a spell on me, I would have seen her do it.


N: You did see it, the Siren's song is it's spell.


Y: (You would choose one of the following)


Why weren't you affected?


How do I prevent being affected?


Why haven't I seen a Siren before?


N: I was affected, but luckily I was able to scare the siren off before it could fully gain control of me.


I don't know how you prevent being affected, but I know of one man who does, The Wise Old Man.


Sirens are few in number, and normally stay beneath the sea, what drew this one up is beyond me.


4. You then walk over to the wise old mans house and talk with him.


Y: Ned said that you know how to prevent being affected by Sirens.


WOM: I do.


Y: Um.... will you tell me how.


WOM: I can't imagine why you would want to know, no Sirens have been seen around here for several decades.


Y: I just saw one off the coast South of Port Sarim!


WOM: I find that highly unlikely.


Y: Why?


WOM: Because if you had encountered a Siren your chances of surviving are very low.


Y: Ned saved me, he tried to shoot it with a crossbow, but barely missed.


WOM: Ah yes, Ned is a resourceful chap. But you say you saw a siren? Well in that case earmuffs should slow the effects of the siren's song, but they won't make you completely immune.


Y: Ok what will make me immune?


WOM: A special potion, which requires seaweed and toad legs, but it is only effective underwater. Bring me those ingredients and I will make it for you.


Y: Ok thanks. (maybe I should tell Ned what I've found out)


Go to Ned's house and talk to him.


Y: The WOM told me how to become immune to the Siren's song.


N: Good, but there is something bothering me....


Y: What?


N: I can't figure out why the Siren would come to the surface...


Y: So? Why does it matter?


N: I'm not sure, but perhaps you had better tell the King, this could mean something very important.


You go to the king in Varrock and speak with him.


Y: Your highness, I bring news from the coast.


K: Ah, _________ what news do you bring?


Y: A siren has been sighted sire.


K: What?! Are you sure, no sirens have been seen in decades!


Y: I saw it with my own eyes sir.


K: This is very important news.... ___________ please find the home of these sirens and try to find out why they are just now coming to the surface.


Y: Yes my lord.



God dammit Seany, STOP SHARING MY MIND

" I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin. I'm not going to live there. There's no place for me there... I'm a monster.What I do is evil. I have no illusions about it, but it must be done."

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