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Just my counts of decent drops

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Verac's Flail

Ahrim's Skirt

Dragon Medium x2

Dharok's Greataxe

Dharok legs





Seren Statuette x2

Armadyl Stattuette x5

Dragon Medium

Dragon Battleaxe x2

Toktz-mej-tal (staff)



Tzhaar Caves:


Obsidian Cape x3

Toktz-ket-xil (shield)x2






Dragon plateskirt <--first dragon drop 4/2/2010

Dragon Chainbody (Dust devils ftw!!! One day after the skirt, yes I freaked out)

Dragon boots x7



Slayer drops:


Focus Sight x3

Hexcrest x1


Clue Scrolls:


Robin hood hat and Black Cavalier (same clue)

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