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  1. [hide] Friday April 1st - 99 Firemaking [/hide] I must have missed something, but how the hell are so many of your skills over level 99?
  2. Maybe I am totally missing something cause I just came back to the game, but how the hell do your skills show like 112/112 thieving and stuff?
  3. I really wish you could choose whether the preset closed the bank window or not. Having it close the bank is awesome for skilling, but not so great for combat. I want to be able to auto withdraw all my gear and potions, and then still pick the Aura I want to use.
  4. Ps: i wuld have to kill sara gwd for the armour right? Cuz i didnt get it from world event :s Yes. soldiers in the sara camp drop the armor. Yeah, i know. Still sort of amusing. I allied with Sara to get the armor, and then swapped to zammy.
  5. So zamorak still protects me, even though I wear Saradomins armor. Cool. rofl Also, realized i left anguish on quickprayer just after i posted this. >.< got thorugh like half the task and wasnt even turmoiling. EDIT: Fairly successfull slayer task, if I do say so myself
  6. 60k hits, not 60k damage. There is a huge differece. If you bothered to read carefully, you would know that. It's a 100,000 charges if you look in the wiki. No idea what a charge is but I can take a conservative guess and say it's a point of damage. (after 8 years with Jagex, i know them well) So there you get 2 hours... hoo hum. Oh and if you wanted more facts it takes 84 scales and 6 pieces of thread to make the armour set. Thats 87mil if scales are sold at the GE starting price of 1mil each. Very unlikely since the only things that drop them are the stuff in the day glow place with the fake guthix. and 3 slayer tasks (spiritual mages, aquanites, and dark beasts). So 87mil+ for 2 hours of styling like a space jelly. Award winning update here, as awesome as that pvp armour was.... this is a way better update than that prestige system. We definitely had to vote that shit down and save the sanctity of the highscores. Hey, do it for the no-lifers if you haven't. They need your help. After 8 years with Jagex, you appear to be comparatively clueless about how armors degrade. There is no armor in game that takes one charge per point of damage. However, every single degradable armor degrades based on number of hits. So I am gonna go out on a limb and say that, since ALL degradable armors (including sirenic and tectonic) degrade based on number of hits and not damage taken, so also must sirenic and tectonic degrade based on number of hits and not damage taken. Clearly, you do not actually know anything about Jagex, notwithstanding the short time you have been playing Runescape.
  7. 60k hits, not 60k damage. There is a huge differece. If you bothered to read carefully, you would know that.
  8. They need to give back the difference in weapons, and the reliablity of them staying the same. Scimitars were the best, longswords slightly worse, and anyone using a 2h to train was just silly. Now, doesnt matter, you grab anything you can wield, and you get the very close to the same dps. It's boring. Also, stop changing armor and weapon stats. It's annoying. Power armor one week, tank armor the next. And so much of the decent armor is almost worthless because the "best" armor in that tier is dirt cheap, and completely worthless after you level up past it. Also, remove offhand weapons and just give an option to equip a weapon in main or offhand. Give the player the ability to choose left or right as main, for fashionscape. And put rune at lvl 40 again. None of this level 50 nonsense.
  9. I would prefer it none of it happened. It sounds like an amazingly bad idea. I don't think many players will actually care about the new hiscores, and everyone will always check the old ones anyway. And the actual system itself sounds incredibly pointless. Increasing the grind of leveling up just an insane thing to do on a game that is pretty much built on grind already. There is no need to do to skiling what EOC did to combat.
  10. Wait, you can use 3 of each? I thought it was 3 total. I never even tried to use more then three total though, so I could be wrong.
  11. An extreme example would be prestige 200. It is 231k xp for levels 1-10. So yeah, for smithing, copper and tin would be used for longer. But 92-99 is still 1.3 billion xp at prestige 200. So higher level ores are going to be way way more in demand. Because you will use them for so so much longer.
  12. Hmm, I assumed you would start at 1 prestige, not 0. If the first 1-99 is 0 prestige, then at 200 prestige, level 1-2 would be 16,683xp 1-10 would be 231,594. 1-99 at 200th prestige would be 2.62billion xp, with 264.6 billion xp in that skill total.
  13. See catering to the high levels. Right? Leave it to jagex to find some way to piss people off.
  14. Actually 5th prestige is 195 mil xp. Nope. xp doesnt double. You add 100% of base xp, which is 13m. so like 13 26 39 52 65 78 91 104 117 130 143 156 169 182 195 208
  15. Also, anyone want to go for 16th prestige? I bet jagex hasn't even worked out that it would take 208m xp in that skill to do that. Whoever gets their first is gonna be pissed off. Also, getting all the way to 8m short of your 16th prestige would be 1760m xp in one skill. Gf life.
  16. This sounds like one of the worst updates I have ever heard of. Sounds like Jagex needs to fire whoever thought that doing this without any QA was a good idea.
  17. Does anyone have a full penance horn? cause you can see exactly how much xp it holds now.
  18. There were 2 times I really loved rs. One was when I started in classic. Playing with real life friends, still not used to the game and learning all the new stuff. new stuff put me in awe. This lasted through the start of rs2, till end of 2005, when i became a member. Second was just before, during, and after the release of dungeoneering. I love the skill, and I had a really tight group of friends I played with. 2 in particular that I did nearly everything with. Starting with dungeoneering, all those friends have quit over the years. And I the only update I have really liked since dungeoneering is ports. The rest is sort of mediocre, or just bad. Mostly, I liked the game when I had that first group of friends. That is the time I would like to return to.
  19. What final type of bar is the best? i assume you can switch it around, but I don't really want to spend all the res more then once until I finish getting all my crew. Just unlocked steel region, and I am going for Tetsu armor first, if it helps.
  20. My layout, also just got icyenic greathammer head from zamorak warlock.
  21. why thank you jagex. It was my dream to never be able to attack and click at the same time. I always wanted to be randomly broken out of combat, and forced into no-retaliate mode for absolute no reason at all.
  22. I do not know how to fix this, but I found the pattern. It jumps to display the central line of text that you have saved. example: If you have 200 lines of chat in the chat box, and your chatbox is showing 8 lines at a time, then when you enter a message, it will jump to display line 100-108. line 108 will be a more recent entry then line 100. the only way I have found to bypass this so far is to make your chatbox the entire half of the screen. This allows it to always have at least half the total conversation displayed, and thus it scrolls properly.
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