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  1. Umm, depends on what you do. I personally made 15k recover specials last year, cause it worked out to about 14gp/xp when i was doing it. 5k is probably about the max you will use ever. Maybe less.
  2. Umm, wouldn't that kind of waste the wines? I mean, 2.7x from bxpw is much worse then the 4x or whatever from brawlers.
  3. Wow, Blade. Just tell Jagex you beat the game, it's time to release Stellar Dawn now.
  4. I go to my poh bookshelf and pull out all the books. Really easy way to take up bank space.
  5. It's cool lol. As you can see, I set my public on friends in ge to cut down on the spam. Figured you probably did something like that as well.
  6. Also, what about something like this for dark beasts? Using multi with cannon on them would be pretty sweet too, they are great effigy droppers plus alot of blue charms and ofc some dark bows. Found you. W88 is for the pros.
  7. OMG, time to buy out RoW's.......yeah no. And hey, at least I will have fully unlocked the smithing update already. I won't even have to train to get all the benefit of it. Yay!........the only reason I ever had to level up smithing is gone.... :/ Oh well. Something useful from the smithing skill was a bit too much to hope for I think. Not a huge questing fan myself, I haven't even bothered to finish EW II and III yet. Well, at least the bonus xp weekend will get me 96 sum while using fewer charms. Already had the charms for 92-96 anyway, but now I might be able to knock out RC effigies once and for all!
  8. ??? Profit But seriously, a lot of people on random dungeon teams are the biggest jerks you can find on RS.
  9. I would say don't waste your time trying to get enough feathers for 85-88. Method 1: It should take 7k super energies for you to get 84, at regular xp. If you do this, then converting all those into spec recovers on bonus xp will take you to 90 or 91. Then, 1k of each extreme should leave you somewhere around 94. Method 2: Or, you could make 3k super energies during the bonus xp weekend, and then convert them into 3k spec restore. Then making about 750 super antifires, and 1k of each extreme should leave you maybe 200k from 93 herblore. Just remember, make the highest potion you are able to. So for example, when you are making extreme attacks, and you hit 89 herblore, then start making extreme strength. Go back and finish the ext attacks when you run out of higher level potions to make. Definitely get the scroll of cleansing though. Totally worth the time. Each method requires about 12k potions made under bonus xp, so they should take about the same time. I figured 1500 pots made an hour, for lack of a better number. Method 1 is obviously more expensive then Method 2, but you also finish with quite a bit more xp, and more potions.
  10. You won't be able to get 85 str on the weekend with a godsword at rock crabs. You will however be able to get it at armored zombies with Korasi's, and void melee deflector + Salve.
  11. PereGrin

    Noob dungers

    I have a friend who got his hood at level 97, from the first and only hood drop he has seen. 90+ does not mean you have a hood. He was a damn good keyer too, even with no hood. I would also add people who join me when I advertise for 1-29 c1 rush, and they haven't even unlocked floor 20 yet. Or they are like 80+ dg and they wonder why they are not getting any experience on c1's, and then start complaining. And for rushing, ready up at the end of the dungeon. Waiting for all that extra time cause they can't figure out where the arrow and numbers in the top right of the screen are = they get kicked on strike 2.
  12. So do the drops pay for the supplies if you don't get any "big drops"? By far. As said, I average anywhere from 10 - 17M a trip. Wow, pretty good for what, 6 kills in an hour? (not sure about how fast it spawns)
  13. So do the drops pay for the supplies if you don't get any "big drops"?
  14. not really. it just goes away eventually.
  15. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/rex If you are using latin grammar rules then nex --> neces. Speaking and writing in English though, nex --> nexes.
  16. I think Nexes is ok. I mean, box --> boxes. And rex --> rexes.
  17. Can it really get much worse? I mean, the second xp weekend pretty much ensured that GWD was jam-packed 24/7. If the bonus worked for prayer as well it could be much worse. Getting herblore half priced essentially gives you the money for prayer. So, it kinda does affects that as well. :/
  18. Want to control their leader for a day? Probably going to force you to sign some form of Magna Carta. It's a conspiracy! Don't give in! :P
  19. Aight, I understand. Underline and Italics don't make you sound like this though: http://digitalelevation.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/caps-locks/
  20. Well, ALL THE CAPITAL LETTERS made it read pretty flamey. 'CAUSE CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. And yes, I know ddosing is illegal. I was just trolling you about efficiency. :P Seems that people are using it more and more though. I played a guy who was ddosing to win conquest games. I mean, really? <_<
  21. So they are just leeches, like those idiots in dungoneering at lower levels. Those people are always so mature and nice to be around :rolleyes: I believe I said in the OP somewhere that I haven't MH'd much. I did it pretty heavily for a very short time just before overloads and turmoil got released. Then, I didn't have them, so I switched to other things. No need to get all flamey about it. But hey, since they suck at tanking so bad, we could add on to our earnings by trying to kill them. hehehe, maybe I should bring teleothers. Or you know, if I really cbf to hop, a ddos might work too. <-- definitely the most efficient way to do it.
  22. As far as crafting goes, I have a friend who is like half diy. Just recently she has been training crafting by using the 10.5k seaweed and sand she has collected from dailies and using the luner spell super glass make (or something like that). Then she is making dorgeshuun (sp?) light orbs. Totals at like 640k crafting xp, but it essentially came free to her. You can add a wire for an additional 104 crafting xp per orb, which brings the total up to like 1.7mil xp. You would have to thieve the wires from the dorgeshuun place tho, which would probably take forever.
  23. But when you finish summoning, you end up with 200m attack, 200m def, 200m mage, lots of strength, and all that fun stuff. And 200m summoning. Train agility or rc and you get.....agility or rc. Now I'm not hating on Jeb here, but as far as xp rank goes, 200m summoning gives you way more total xp. Now, while I personally don't mind training agility or rc, I find combat more enjoyable. And I hate mining, but thats probably cause I haven't gotten high enough in it to use the lrc. And I love slayer <3:
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