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  1. I don't understand your spreadsheet. The percent of keys used column seems to indicate that you got the primus signet on your first kill. If you notice, the percentages sum to 100 (ignoring rounding errors). The 4% corresponds to the percentage of all keys used getting each signet. In this case 21/506 = 4.15% (21/506 ≈ 20/500 ≈ 1/25). Ok, the keys used/purchased heading confused me. It looks like it means "used x number of keys / bought x number of keys". but then just one number underneath makes it seem like he split it off into 2 columns, and forgot to change the heading.
  2. I don't understand your spreadsheet. The percent of keys used column seems to indicate that you got the primus signet on your first kill.
  3. Supreme Reverence and Penance are my favorite auras.
  4. Castlewars did something like this on Beta servers and I think it still took him a few days. He averaged about 10m construction xp per hour. he only did it during livestreams. He livestreamed three sessions of 4 hours, and then finished up with a 5 hour session. At his rate, it would take 18 hours to get from 99 -> 200m construction. Faster if you really concentrate, instead of talking to friends and the chat like he did during his livestream.
  5. honestly, since this thread started, I've been hoping for someone do to 200m construction in a single day. Yeah, it would cost 183 billion, but how awesome would that be?
  6. Because you can get farming xp in between tree runs, for free. you can cut a lot of waiting for trees to grow off by doing it.
  7. People have posted far worse while being serious. In all honesty I had a feeling it was being sarcastic but wasn't completely sure. Well, I am working off the basis that Jagex is actively attempting to do things that no one really asks for. Maybe if we ask for all the stuff we don't want to happen, they won't do it. One can hope anyway.
  8. Posted this in the suggestions forum, in response to the soul split/barrage nerf. People are taking me seriously. I don't understand.
  9. Hmm, I think the high level range slayer dungeon sounds cool. Something to give me incentive to finish off my slayer. The dragonstone armor sounds meh. Not really worth it after the market gets completely flooded. And I am dubious about how they described divination. Old school training with new school rewards.... Sounds not that great imo. Unless they mean like, old old school 3 hit rule combat training. Cause Classic was and is amazing.
  10. From what I have done on barrows, using all 4 elemental spells isn't really necessary. I use Ice Barrage exclusively, but my abilities constitute the vast majority of the damage. I barely get 3 casts off per melee fight, even dual casting it with a wand and a book. I have never noticed a difference it time it takes to kill a brother. Torag goes down in the same time as any other melee brother. And all of them are dead at most just after a 2nd freeze. Many times they die within that 20 seconds that Ice Barrage gives you. Make's safe spotting easy. From what I can tell, it seems that abilities are not subject to the attack style used. Concentrated blast hits as well on dharok as it does on torag, whether you are casting ice barrage or some equally damaging fire spell.
  11. Smoking kills is an amazing quest to have done. Access to the slayer helmet is very very very useful. Also, greater demons have the same drop rate as dust devils according to the wiki. They aren't much harder to kill.
  12. Dust devils are how I did it a long time ago. They drop crimsons relatively frequently. They are also easy to kill, relatively safe, and you have a chance at a dragon chain. And a 27% drop rate of crimsons.
  13. This would be the exact reason why you don;t win the item you win a 'lucky' version. It highlights that you did not earn it the normal way. Plus all these items are in the rare slots, lots of people have seen them on their spins but almost no-one has actually got them so far, it's not like everyone's gonna get full bandos with an SGS just by playing the wheel for a week. People are criticizing the idea behind the update rather the possibility of this being a viable method to obtain items. The whole point is, the best items in the game should not be available like this. Exactly, untradable lucky items, or regular ones, getting handed high end items for free shouldnt be happening. I don't care whether you can wield it or not. And runescape has quite a lot of accounts. Even current member accounts. So even at a .001% of getting a lucky item, thats still like 20-30 members every day getting untradable godswords, claws, divines, elys, and other things that are far too valuable to give away. IMO, make it all those lamps for xp, with maybe one slot for 50k or 100k cash. Don't give people untradable divines or any other gear like that. If anything, I'ts almost a slap in the face sometimes. I would rather even a small lamp then be given an untradable zgs.
  14. I dont like the new wheel thing. D claws and a zgs were 2 of the big prizes on my spins. No one needs to be getting items like that for free. Especially noobs who with like 600k banks and 600B egos. Kill monsters, get the drops yourself, or work up money to buy better gear. Don't win it in a lottery from jagex and create new items from nothing.
  15. The rebooting runescape article sounds like "hey, lets make all these changes, and hit at all the things I want to change but cant in the real game. Oh and yeah, I just want to make these changes for the sake of changes." It's like what happens with bureaucrats have nothing to do. Nothing wrong with making some servers like that, but I don't thing a very large percentage of rs players will use the servers. Also: This sentence means that there are zero restrictions on the GE. So, if we put that in number form, we get: Number of GE restrictions = 0 If we then look at: We can see that increasing the restrictions tenfold would be the same as multiplying the number of GE restrictions by 10. Therefore: 0 * 10 = 0. Still zero GE restrictions. It reads more like something that is not quite the truth (a lie) was used as a basis of an argument, and to make it sound better. The GE does have rules. I do not think it needs more rules. I am aware that "Lets make a few laws to prevent total anarchy." sounds worlds better then "People already have laws they have to follow, lets give them more laws they have to follow." I am sure that a certain 28-30 year old who lived off of Friedrich Engels money while having no job of his own was also aware of this difference. And all the "fixes" that are "beyond the scope of this article" are just bad ideas. Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek explains why. The first article was more like griping, but it did highlight the vagueness in the Runescape rules, even if I do not agree with all the proposed solutions. EDIT: I love the GE. I played RS long long before the GE came out. From personal experience, finding people in World 1 Varrock or World 2 Fally was stupidly annoying. There were just too many people talking at the same time. It was quite difficult to find anyone selling or buying what you wanted. And trading with them didn't really generate all this personal interaction like the rose tinted glasses would have you believe. Basically, if you didn't put up the asking price within about 15 seconds, they just declined and moved on. So essentially like using the GE, except you have to run through the Maze random to click on it, and it keeps changing places like the pinball random pillars do. Just annoying and time consuming for no real change.
  16. I disagree about the "queue" for each monster for drops. I think is pretty much random. But here is where I killed the cave horrors. Its got like 6 spawns, and some safe spots for hally if you feel like it. I do know you easily make back everything you lose killing them just on seeds and herbs. I got many snap, dwarf, lanta, and ranarr seeds from them. And even a torstol seed once or twice. They are a quite good lower level moneymaker.
  17. Thats pretty good. Iirc, from when i used to kill them back in the day i got around 1 in 300-500.
  18. *cough*Lanfear*cough* probably already been said, but I just saw this.
  19. I agree with the article, but I have to say I prefer "Slayer" and "Prayer". Mostly because the "er" sounds more manly then the "ing".
  20. Jagex's reply: After much intense study, I have managed to decipher what the email from Jagex meant. I have now rendered it in a more useful and applicable form.
  21. I can see it now. Lawyer: "He was a good man. He left his family all his financial assets to divide evenly. His spouse was left the house as well. And his best friend "pr0 h4x 901" gets his runescape account password and all his runescape possessions." Crowd: "Aaaaaawwweeeeeee......how sweet. Wait, wtf? He bequeathed a dude his video game account?" I mean, I cannot imagine why anyone would. That would almost seem like an insult, at least to me.
  22. Chilly is second dude. Sorry to break it to you. http://runetracker.org/records
  23. Nice guide. I will probably go get my third bind in a few weeks, now that finals are almost over. Probably going to go with the mittens.
  24. Multi combat is denoted by the 2 crossed swords somewhere on the game window. If you play on fixed, its in the bottom right corner. If you play on resizable it is just under the world map icon.
  25. yes but how many of those 6 have max total? drumgun doesnt, phoenix does, doctor does, idk about other 3 i think shattered heart my ruin it for some I think that those are the only people who are close enough to max total to be able to get it in a shorter frame of time. All the rest of the people would need much longer to finish quite a few castle wars games. And I think the champion scroll rate is somewhere around 1/4500.
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