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  1. Did 3 hours of dg w/ bu11 nic farty and eagle today, slowest floor 12 min 40 secs , 7 maps under 11 mins, all warped hero team is 11-12 min average ( 11 aba 12 occ/warped) if you get over 12 min aba w/ nic and hammy UNLESS theres a [cabbage] ton of bs rooms like mono/ramo/barrels you should ask yourself why am I not good enough to fit into this hero team to keep the 12 min average going instead of saying the hero team isnt as good as others say it is, dont mean to be rude but thats the honest truth lol out of the 1700 dgers w/ 120 dg only ~ 15 of them are hero team material.. if anyone cares to prove me wrong show me a sub 10 without ATLEAST one of: nic, bu11, farty, hammy, me, stupidboy, eagle, christopher, prozac, wintastical, xax.. thats only 11 names out of 1700+ dgers with 4 binds.. if thats too much of a limitation I think youre already proving yourself wrong It's pretty hard to take someone who can't form sentences seriously.
  2. Is it just or does dice bag not work at ge anymore? If so, that's awesome.
  3. When you private message someone, a new chat box doesn't come up. The text of the PM just goes into the main chat field. Annoying. Lower parts of letters like y, g, q are clipped too. Gosh...
  4. Cosmics runes are a good bind. Consider swapping a prom 2h for your longsword as it is by far the superior weapon. There's really no debate as to what to bind second: Shadow silk hood as soon as you find one. Try binding a platebody or gauntlets in the meantime.
  5. You're doing it on 5:1 with 5 combats. It's like saying you did the fastest small run ever while doing it at c1. It's not really a useful distinction, even if it the fastest.
  6. Anyone know where to buy/sell rares on world 1 now? Used to be a place south of the GE where people would gather to trade their rares but it looks like it's all dicers or doublers there now.
  7. The amount of banned people on this list are turning it into a joke. edit: I don't mean that as a slight against you, the organizer. I meant the people on the list who bot.
  8. You guys remember when Jagex said they would no longer advertise P2P in F2P and took out the gnomecopters? Check out the area north of Falador. The ads are back...
  9. It's not. People were actually glitching floors and finishing larges in under 2 minutes.
  10. Actually rehabilitation is the purpose of prison, at least in most judicial systems.
  11. In my opinion, if he's been banned for macroing, then he did bot and he's lying to you. It's easy to bot and respond to PMs. That doesn't prove anything either way. Don't take offense, I just happen to trust Jagex 100% on this, no matter who the player in question is. If Queen Elizabeth played Runescape and was banned for botting, I'd trust Jagex. You are right though, debating this serves no purpose. We'll see what happened eventually.
  12. Yes Jagex's botting detection system is pretty bad for false negatives. I'm confident it's great at not getting false positives though. There are other reasons for a ban besides botting. If he's been banned, I'm confident he broke some rule or other.
  13. I don't think he's back People who bot for skills do it for the reputation/prestige. His reputation is already gone, why would he want his account back? My guess is he wanted the gold on his account, assuming Jagex never touched it. He's probably transferred it to another account and is making a fresh start or has cashed out.
  14. That's an improvement but you know that everyone who's banned will insist that Jagex made a mistake. In my opinion, Jagex botting bans are 100% accurate. There's a reason why people think reports are so useless. You can report a bot multiple times and it will be still be there the next day. This is because Jagex wants to make damn sure you're botting. Excuses like " I was using mousekeys!" or " I was just afking" simply don't cut it. Jagex can tell the difference between botting and using mousekeys. How about changing the wording to something to the effect of "Unless Jagex retracts their ban and admits they were mistaken"?
  15. Hypothetical scenario. Player A is on the list. He gets to the point where he only has tough skills like prayer and rc left. He gets members and quietly trains both. People find out. What would you do in that case? From precedence it seems like that player would get removed forever. Player B is on the list. He bots. He is caught and you remove him from the list for a year. Who deserves their ban more? The player who hasn't actually broken any Jagex rules and still had to work for their skills? Or the guy who has broken the rules AND hasn't done any actual work? And yet you would still welcome him back in a year? If you want this list to have any integrity at all, you can't have that. "What if the player comes back and is a positive force for the community?". That's great. They don't have to be on the list to continue being a positive force for the community. If they want back on the list again, start from scratch. Permanent ban is the only solution.
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