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f2p rune pure???


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so i have this account...




atk: 40


str: 62


def: 40


range: 40


mage: 60


pray: 1


hp: 57




long story short, i had a main/pure a long time ago, quit & gave them away, now i'm back with this "do it all" account and don't feel like making another pure at this point.




any tips on what to raise from here? should i go scim/2h or range/2h? should i get pray/more def? what should i wear while pking? i'll most likely be going solo since none of my friends play rs & i don't have the time now to coordinate pk trips with other ppl.

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You could get 45 Defence for a Rune Berserker Shield, since it gives better defence bonus.



Really? Cause as I recall it was you who was the one cussing me at base. Also, re-read what you just said: one 15 second delay (which is an exaggeration to begin with) ruins floor times? You are beyond ridiculous.

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