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Barrellchest's Blog to All Stats 70 (EXACTLY 70) WIP...

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***Work in progress, uploading pics tomorrow***




Well I finally decided to make a blog, here at 3A.M. First I'll tell you about me in Runescape and real life.


[hide=Runescape]I started about 5 or 6 years ago. The first update that I actually remember is Desert Treasure. I was there for the yo-yo and chicken, maybe even the scythe and bunny ears, but I was a noob and didn't get them :oops: I had a few accounts, until I had one I liked and got to members and a decent total level (1200 - great back then.). I quit for a couple months, and forgot the password :wall:


I then made another account. I played on that account for about 3 years, until last december, when it was hacked. On that account, I got 1850 total levels, 70m cash, and a quest cape.




When I lost it, I quit for 3 months, until I was drawn back in like almost everyone that quits. I made the new account, Barrellchest, which I play on now. Right now my main goal is to get all my stats to 70, not above or below (except hp). This will put me at about 1680 total (im guessing 1683 because of hp). I have just barely got all of my stats to 60+, so that means every one of my stats is in the 60-70 range. I also love quests; I am 190 quest points right now. I plan to have all of my stats to 70, then get 72 woodcutting and 75 mage so I can get a quest cape, then just have fun slaying or whatever after that. I started this account in March 2009.




Stats in April 2009






Stats at beginning of blog






Stats now






[hide=Real Life]My name is Blake, and I am 16. I live in Minnesota, and will start my freshman year of college at the University of Minnesota (and no my age is not a typo). I play lacrosse for high school, and our team was the 2009 STATE CHAMPIONS \' I love music, any kind of rock, from types like Counting Crows and the Fray to Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot but I think Slipknot is my favorite band. I love hanging with all my friends, and my girlfriend. I go to Idaho a lot on vacation to see my family, where they all live. Thats about it ::' May post pics later, probably not.[/hide]




So I guess the rest of my blog will be for my goal, and random pics. Tomorrow I'll add goal bars, pictures, and whatever else comes to mind, but tonight I need to sleep. I hope to make a lot of friends and meet new people in my blog, feel free to add me if you want! I only have 3 people on my friends list right now :oops: Well goodnight, Ill finish this tomorrow. Also, if there is a site that lets you upload a lot of pictures at once and not one by one, that would be great if you would tell me :thumbup:


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