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My Goal of 99 Fishing/Construction

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As you can see from the title I am currently going for 99 fishing and construction




I curently have 74/99 Fishing and 72/99 Construction




I have found that if I fish monkfish from my level to 99 i will get approximately 50million gp from selling them.I also foudnt that 99Construction from my level will require approximately 27million gp if i use sacred clay hammers (which i do).There is an extra 23million gp which i will probably spend on the butler fees of going from the bank to the sawmil and such,and I will probably want to make my house cooler also which will require some cash.




If you would like to chear me on or train fishing with me I will be in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony on World 99 untill i get 99 Fishing. Wish me luck!




Edit:WOOOOT got 74 construction and 75 fishing today :D

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