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Color Problems only when watching dvds


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The top view is the 23.6" monitor. The bottom view is the 17"




Well, I have a rather strange problem. I bought the 23.6" asus monitor a couple days ago, and I got everything working fine. I have it connected through VGA because my graphics card only has a DVI-I port, not a DVI-D (it's a pny geforce 8400gs plugs in through pci if that helps). I got everything hooked up, and got the colors looking right (Great color, really has much more vivid hues than the 17" HP monitor running next to it). All the colors are fine, and I pop on an episode of Leverage to watch on the brand new huge monitor. Everything looks amazing!




The next day, I pop in a dvd (burn notice if it really matters). To my dismay, the people are all turning up blue, and none of the other colors are turning up right. Skin tones are blue, magentas and reds are coming up green, and it just looks aweful. I try restarting my computer, reloading the dvd, turning off the monitor, auto resetting it and pulling the vga cords out and putting them back in. I try everything suggested, but nothing works. Everyone is still blue. I try different DVD's and the same thing happens. Everyone is still blue. When I move the video over to the 17", all the colors come out fine. When I move them back to the 23.6", everything goes back all screwey. When I put the monitor halfway on one screen, halfway on the other, if more of the area is on the 17" and only a little is on the 23.6", everything is fine on both. When I move it over more towards the 23.6", everything reverts back to it's blue color, and even the stuff on the 17" goes blue.

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You can still plug a DVI-D in a DVI-I. That's what I've done with both my screens (although one is an adapter DVI to HDMI), and it works perfectly. Well, I know it works in dual link DVIs. I guess the card adapts.




Anyway, to the problem:




Are your drivers up to date?




Have you tried the screen on another computer?




I guess that maybe you bought a defective screen unfortunately, good thing there's a warranty.

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