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  1. Sbrideau


    Don't worry, I still remember most of the names I see here. Also I still remember about the glass eating (guess you know who I'm referencing here lol).
  2. Sbrideau


    Decided to login and say hello since it's been over a year! No idea why I went inactive on here, I enjoyed these boards quite a bit.
  3. Sbrideau


    Glad someone else agrees with me. That is all I thought throughout, hopefully that changed. Well I have to agree with that.
  4. Sbrideau


    Went to see The Force Awakens yesterday, and really liked the movie. This movie is awesome.
  5. Sbrideau


    Well, the person I was communicating with on ebay to have more information about a motherboard just stopped talking to me, guess they sold it before I could get it. Pretty much a good thing since I went too fast and should wait until feb to be able to afford it without going under. I just moved and that's pretty expensive, and I will have my first electricity and internet bills that will include 2 months since they work on pro-rata rates...
  6. Sbrideau


    Well the music we like isn't mainstream. I don't think they would go anywhere near the music Dream Theater makes in high school :P. Also Funny, apparently on Black Ops 3, Dream Theater is offensive language.
  7. Sbrideau


    Well, crappy coincidence, same day I got my new graphics card for my desktop, my laptop failed... A 2 year old laptop, and it doesn't post anymore, took it all appart, removed the BIOS battery so it would fully reset, rebuilt it up, and the only difference is that it was able to give it's light codes instead of just doing nothing, so looks like I'll recycle it. Found on ebay, though, that the prices for the motherboards for my even older laptop that the motherboard died 2.5 years ago, are lower than they were. I might be able to revive my old G53SW (which would still be much stronger than the laptop that just died) for the fraction of a laptop price, some fully tested motherboards for it are between $150 and $350, which is lower than they were selling on there 2 years ago.
  8. Sbrideau


    I got my new graphics card today, that I had ordered a couple of weeks ago (but was on back order because of the best sale I had seen in years on this kind of thing, even beat the black friday sale). Guess my old cards were on their way out since even without being in a game the image is much better and clearer on both my screens, and that single 960 (4gb sc evga edition) will beat my old 550ti sli without lifting a finger.
  9. Sbrideau


    Duct tape can fix anything, better block it from going down by putting some duct tape at the bottom then making sure no water goes through by putting some on top of the window :twss:
  10. Sbrideau


    Do you have breakers? You could turn one off and move the stuff you need to other outlets?
  11. Sbrideau


    We could almost meet, but I just moved out of Quebec City, I'm 1 hour away now lol.
  12. Sbrideau


    Nice! I have that phone (and both my brothers got the G4 at about the same time). I love the G3.
  13. Sbrideau


    Thinking about theporarily changing my avatar from the Acadian flag to the France flag in support to them, but I doubt there are any french people on these boards. These events are the reason there is so much islamophobia these days. While countries should do more to try to eradicate IS while protecting the innocent people, It's not easy either because they can hide as "refugees". I purchased a GTX 970 on sale for cheap. Runs it beautifully. I was going for the 4GB version of the 960, should run it beautifully as well. Doesn't have the 3.5GB/0.5GB vram problem the 970 has.
  14. Well, Guess I'll have to upgrade my graphics sooner than I thought... My dual 550ti SLI setup I transfered from my old to my new computer when I built it (to save on costs at the time, last spring), can't handle Fallout 4 at a decent fps. I'll have to wait to see the black friday sales on graphics cards to see what I pick. I had originally planned on getting a 980ti, but will likely be lower than that now since I can't wait as long as I wanted.
  15. Sbrideau


    Well today I got Fallout 4, but my graphics cards setup can't handle it (the rest of the computer can). Guess I'll have to upgrade the graphics cards (currently dual GTX 550ti in SLI) earlier than I wanted to do it, and not for the card that I wanted. Was going for the 980ti ($900 CAD), waiting until the prices lower in 2016, but might go for an 9** series card still but much lower instead so I can play recent games with higher fps. Currently going 25 to 45 fps on Fallout 4, while going 90-120 on GTA5 at the same resolution. That sucks. At least I just got a new job that pays $8k more per year than my last job.
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