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94 f2p, willing to train up to 100 looking for a PKRI clan

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hello chidori,




i am mic mic77 from the all powerfull clan bloodshed (bse). i saw your application and it seems nice and clean, just like bloodshed! we are a f2p with lots of p2p events. with 66 real active members you will meet new friends. we are all nice people, we do not accept bullying nor flaming.












i suggest you to come see our fourms at : http://www.rs-bse.com


and our cc: clan bse


and check our rune head: http://www.rs-bse.com/index.php?autocom=jl...o=show&id=3




we wish you come see us!



hi der :)

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Introduction to Tyr's Guard




  • Tyr's Guard is a friendly/laid back Runescape Community. We pride ourselves in how easily we make new friends. Most of us are older players (17+). Please come by and fill out and application today! We accept anyone with 80+ Combat!




Tyr's Guard History




  • Tyr (or Tiw, Ziw) is the ancient god of War and the Lawgiver of the gods. He sacrifices his hand so that the evil Fenris wolf may be bound. At one time he was the leader of the Norse Pantheon, but was supplanted by Odin much later. There is nothing to indicate how this occurred; one assumes that he simply "stepped back" and let Odin assume the position of leadership. It was rumored that Odin is his father. Tyr is excellent in all manners of Justice, fair play, and Right Action.
    Most of the Clan Owners/Leaders know each other from their hometown in Arkansas. All of us have been good friends for a long while. This is the first attempt at a Runescape Clan, but not a first at something this big.




Basic Information to TG




  • Requirements: 80+ F2P Combat
    Xfire Chat Room: tyrs guard chat
    Runescape Clan Chat: Tyrs Guard
    Homeworld(s): 10 (F2P) 48 (P2P)
    Clan Cape: Team Cape 22




Tyr's Guard Leadership




  • Clan Owners:
    Soren Zero
    Clan Leaders:[/size]
    tortoisesr - Head Forum Moderator
    lxRonxl - Clan Chat Admin
    Cutdren- WarLord
    Randollini - Events Team Leader
    Fellow Staff Members:
    updated as of 28th June 2009


Tyr's Guard Clan Events




  • - Clan War Trips
    - KBD hunting Trips
    - KQ hunting Trips
    - Stealing Creation
    - Soul Wars
    - Skilling Parties
    - Tzhaar Trips
    - Duel Arena Tournaments
    - House Parties
    - GWD trips
    - Monster Boss Trips
    - Combat-Related Events
    - Special Events like Birthday Parties etc.




Tyr's Guard Media




8SyR0wpCsEs gdGw2W4uZFs






Tyr's Guard Credits




  • If you would like to join Tyr's Guard, do not hesitate to join our clan chat or pm
    one of the staff above and they will direct you to our site. Also, any queries should
    be pmed to the clan owners/leaders above. Hope to see you soon and have a great
    day. Courtesy o Swan760 who made this template.

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