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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Its was matched 13v13 Lets not turn this into a troll fest please. GF tDD I dropped =D
  3. Once again DW flames LGZ without proof. Thanks DW we are all talk when i haven't seen any talk except from DW and DF side. Yes its evident that LGZ is in a slump just like DW and DF have been in slumps as well. Good fight DF =D LGZ
  4. Doesn't mention dungeoneering weapons. :geek: But it does mention 2 SNIPERS CAP: Ak after seen lgz brake those rulez, doin mass snipers and having 2 piles; decide to left the arena... I dont think this war should count; Someone says that 1 gravite item doesnt affect the war but if u have 2 piles it does affect a lot... Not sure if your trying to make an actual point. But, lets clear somethings up: - Dungeoneering items are always allowed in wars- just like rc staffs, fog items. Unless it is strictly mentioned not to be used. - Your attempt at editing the pic neither makes sense nor is valid- the fact that you are using my pic means that you are trying to find some excuses right now to fend off defeat- AFTER the war. If it was an issue, you would of taken a pic at the time the issue had taken place which is at the time of the war. But since you have no pics then you are obviously still sore about the defeat so you spent hours staring at my pics trying to find something wrong. Now, even if you take a look at my pic- your reasoning doesn't even make sense because where you labeled '2 Piles' is actually YOUR PILE not ours lol. Hint: the white dots are Ak Latin.
  5. [spoiler=TWR MODS] Link to the declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/267216-twr-ak-latin-declares-on-legendz/ Winning clan (both name + initials): Legendz (LGZ) Winning clan's member-list: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=legendz Losing clan (both name + initials): AK Latin (AK) Losing clan's member-list: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ak_twr_list Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): (see below) Legendz vs AK Latin Not many may of taken note, but AK Latin has recently raked up quite a few wins on and off the charts and was slowly gaining momentum- recently even defeating Dragon Hunters. After us declaring/them declaring countless times via irc- none of the negotiations were being met by either side. Eventually, one of our leads finally negotiated with AK Latin lead, Beatnote, to a standard matched opts war. With AK Latin having more than 10 members on us- i was puzzled why they won't do a full out. But keen on performance and of course to yet again maintain our rank as the most active warring clan on TWR. We accepted. A week into the prep, AK Latin was teasing us by coming into our IRC channel and posting pics of their latest pull- though it may of been a bold move, we were wise enough not to be shook, cause our tanks was all it took... Even with highly anticipated world cup game England vs USA- luckily we did not disappoint like our proud Englishmen and we managed to outpull by a bit. AK Latin got attack, so we death danced, they came in death marching- which did take us by surprise. We took the lead very early and never looked back. One would say what South Korea did to Greece was what we did to AK Latin- was a matter of simple procedure, dominating the center and striking from the wings- relaxed dutch football played on rs. By the 19man mark, AK Latin had had enough and decided to leave the field- leaving us victorious. Shoutout to my South African cous- Shabalalalaa such an amazing opening goal.
  6. lol, perhaps i can find some vids of me leading when i was 85cb. You can lead at any lvl, but it doesn't necessarily make you an effective fall in, having the stats allows you to survive longer which in turn gives you more opportunities to lead.
  7. Legendz vs Latin Killers Pretty straightforward and short war, we took the lead early. LK had beaten us before in a similar war but by only a few kills, this time we sought vengeance. Though it was pretty late for our GMT unit (1 am)- we still had some GMTers attend, superb dedication. LK kept piling fall ins, which pretty much made it only worse for them since they tanked pretty good. Gf LK.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Gf, really fun war. I think we did pretty good, we took control with 18 vs 16 but a dc cost us. Clean war more or less, expect an rm. Was going through my pics, found this;
  10. Pretty sure we put you in the biggest slump you ever had after defeating you twice in a row, and now again recently with your allies. The only reason we had a slump previously was cause i wasn't around- so to me i don't consider it a slump. No doubt it was an enjoyable rivalry.
  11. Was called by coll, since it was coll v gladz+p. Had to leave early tho.
  12. Meh, got piled 3 times, each time i lost you. Wouldn't say your a tough opponent, was an off day for most of our guys and a bad start topped it off. Expect an rm.
  13. Nice post Platy, lsp could use some lessons on posting from you :D
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