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  1. Was in it for quite a while, learned a lot from it. Rip LND.
  2. Nope, in all honesty, I'm not even sure the clans still going. I was just curious as to whether or not it's a common happening, and going by the general consensus, it is somewhat. Trolling aside, I completely know what you mean, ive seen this happen numerous times.
  3. Don't say that, they had good styles and we lacked binds in the start which resulted in not koing our first two piles. Good fight Ck, you guys have improved a lot since we last warred you, quite happy with the second round win, though. Hopefully next time we can do a straight up matched rather than these silly capped fights :P
  4. solid win, grats and nice levels both
  5. gd to see lth pulling more. 2 hours damnn XD
  6. P.K.Masters vs New bloods - pkm Forsaken vs Final Ko - forsaken Wilderland vs poison - WL Final Night vs Crimson Raiders - cr Crimson Knights vs Dark Vengeance - ?? Elite Assassins vs The Titans -tt Kill 0rgy vs Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigai - ldk Runite knights of Finland vs Australian Army - aa definatelly The Runescape Warhunger F vs Final Intervention - trwf Hell Army vs Dangerous Business - ha Red Lightning vs Corrupted Knights - ck Hell Army vs Chivalry Legions - cl Future of Old Style vs The Soul Reapers - fools True 0wnage vs The Gladiatorz - gladx Red Dragon Knights vs Dutch war teachers - rdk The Death Monkeighs vs Toxic Pain - ?? Violent Resolution vs Excelsior - vr Angels of the Apocalypse vs Ascension asc AK-Latin vs Immortal Retribution ak USA Lordz vs The Rising TR Clan Envy vs Downfall envy, might be wrong though, will be close Clan Europe vs Forces Of Poland ce Natural Born Killers vs THE Clan nbk Shawa Manz vs Dutch Generation dg Notorious vs La Hermandad Latina not Blasphemy vs Sorrow of Knights blas Sacred Redemption vs Dragonwood dwood The Dawn Brigade vs The Blacknights bk Crimson Dawn vs Kurimao Clan Reborn kcr Team Hostile vs Black Revolution ??
  7. like all of these are obvious who will win. only in later rounds will it get interesting
  8. good job, think you guys should fight stronger clans though. no offense to db
  9. Downfall, both full out and matched. 1 hour CWRI Melee/ranged Gladz + the or Downfall + True Ownage
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