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  1. Not dead...more like sleeping. Part of it's life cycle tbh. Fair enough. Used to be a good place to post, back in the original LND. Hope it picks up again!
  2. Legends Never Die vs Team Trinity Rules: Two Rounds - CWRI + Matched Corrupt and DG for R1 - standard for R2 All styles + MBR Rings On Summary: As massing came, with 24 eager Legends on audio, we were expecting a high pull from Team Trinity. However, they dissapointed us by only brining along 17 members. So, we stepped into the CWRI aware that with a solid performance TT wouldn't be able to handle us. Quickly we took the lead, and killed a good 6 of them, before they could drop one Legend. Eventually after ten minutes, we stood tall with 40 kills to TT's 9, and they respectfully left the portal. We agreed on a matched fight, with MBR as the set styles. Sadly, TT only managed to get 12 members to fight so we had to drop from 25 to 12. Eager to prove ourselves in a matched situation, we rushed them almost instantly from dropping. Quickly we went a kill ahead, then 2. From there we never looked back, and with 9 Legends left in the portal TT decided to leave the portal. Thanks for the fights TT - hopefully we can do it again sometime. Fight Pictures: Round One Starting: Round One Ending : Round Two starting : Round Two Ending: Goodjob, Legends, on turning up. Keep up the activity, and sign up for all future fights. If anyone would like any information on LND, or would like to request a fight, then please drop into #LND @swift
  3. Cheers for the fight NG, always a pleasure. Fantastic job Warhungers.
  4. Good post. Personally, I log into the game for wars and PKRIs only, but this doesn't affect my position as being an active part of TRWF's leadership. I'm always on IRC, and most of the time on TeamSpeak. When I'm at home chilling, I'll always be around talking to be and what not. I don't think wether a person plays RS or doesn't play, makes a difference. As long as they are active enough in a clan to come to wars, and be apart of the community then it will always be looked upon as fine.
  5. Each timezone has it's own league, and it will always be extremely hard for anyone to dominate all timezones. I doubt it'll ever happen again.
  6. Looking at the responses on both closing topics, it seems we made more of an positive impact upon to CWA world. Doesn't even matter though, this topic is as tedious as the battleground the teams warred in.
  7. I think you should just calm down about, you seem wee bit mad about it. RIP TPR, you will be missed.
  8. GF HA. Was fun. Winter has just begun.
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