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  1. i am higher than 110, i just put 105+ as the lowest level requierment I was interested in to.
  2. Well its been awhile since I look around the clan world, and I might join a clan. Um f2p mainly, cwa and pvp. Mid Size Community-large And better if I know people from there.
  3. Thanks for the fight, was fun and a good practice, it was post off tho.
  4. VS Link to the winner's memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=lethalityml Link to the opposing memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=latinempire Rules: Melee, Binds only Blasts OFF Range OFF Corrupted War Gear OFF Dungeoneering Items OFF Sniper cap of 2 Matched ops Clan Wars Classic centerbounds only North Attacks Rings ON Time, Date, and World: 6PM Eastern Sunday, July 25th, 2010 War world: 93 Lethality starting:(Dropped to 14) Imperio Latino starting: (had 14,still not in) Ending pic, LTH´s victory: Overall Summary: So this war is first war for Lethality in Rune Hq, and i have to mention it was a very satisfactory result for Lth, the war started off 14-13 due to il had a problem with a member after the timer was done. Il attacked tenebie, while Lth attacked there Warlord Zymon, he pulled out a good tank, but our member tenebie was able to out tank him. Then we kept having quick drops and a few koes, while our snipers were being piled and would pull amazing tanks to Imperio Latino. The closest peak was 12 -11 for a few seconds, but Lth quickly recovered the Lead until we were 10-8-7 and kept it going until 10-0 Great job LTH, awesome war Imperio latino hope to war you another time. Brief Imagery:
  5. Vs War Rules: Type of War:Matched Opts Date:2nd July 2010 Time:8:00 EST Arena:Clan Wars Classic, Mid Bounds Range Allowed:2 Ranger Cap Offensive Magic:No Corrupt Armor Allowed:No Binds Allowed:Yes Rings Allowed:Yes Sniper Cap:2 Sniper Cap Dungeoneering Items: NO Starting Pic 15-22(dropped to 15): Overall Summary: Ok so this war started with a good preview, since this challenge was the result from Lethality’s victory against KO last week, we knew this time it would be harder and that made it even more interesting so we accepted the rematch when Atomic_24 approached us. Everything looked good as the war started, Lethality didn’t had a very good pull but as the old saying says skill is greater than numbers. The war started 15-22 and K0 dropped really quickly, we both approached to mid bounds and Lethality started attacking as we were north, First pile for Lethality was H1p1tywh0pla, while they piled Green elf. Lethality’s pile wasn’t for long as we quickly transitioned on one of their binders, it kept equal until we go to 13-13 were we transitioned on their fall in leader H1p1tywh0pla, despite his good tank we kept going with exceptional tanks, and got a 2 man lead while our snipers gave them a hard time with binding. It was 9-6 but they got a kill and we had 1 dc, so it went 7-6 that brought them back in game, but with good tanks and incredible binds from our people we pulled out the win, bibat was there last pile and it was a really intense war. Although you walked off without saying it, good fight KO, was a fun war. Ending: Pictures during the war: -Ipwn
  6. Vs Best out of 3 Rounds War Round 1 : Melee and Binds, no Range Allowed Round 2: Same as Round One But with Ranging ( no Cap ) Round 3 : Matched Ops with All Styles ( No Blasting ) Round 1 Round 1 : Starting Pic: Round 1 : Trial Members : Round 1 : Pkm Starting Pic : Round 1: Ending Pic for Lethality Overall Summary: Round 1, They were up by two people on us before the war started, but we managed to get a few quick kills, people great tanking and our piles were very well, good jobs to snipers who attacked thiers binders and so forth,really helped us with our win for round 1. Round 1 Winner : Lethality Round 2 Round 2 : Starting Pic: Round 2 : Pkm Starting Pic : Round 2: Ending Pic for Pkm ( They won round 2) Overall Summary: round 2, We were at a disadvantage when it began as it was 17v12 in thier favor. we quickly manage to get a fast kill but as the war kept going on, we just didnt have enough kills fast enough before they managed to kill all of us. Round 2 Winner : Pkm Round 3 Round 3 : Starting Pic: Round 3 : Pkm Starting Pic : Round 3: Ending Pic for Lethality (woot we won) Overall Summary: Round 3, It was good since it was matched ops 10v10 since most of the people had left already, we started very well with great tanking and with great piles, we started by killing thier fall in leader Dbzruler and we managed to get pretty fast kills on them. and i just want to point out, when kassie was tanking, she literally tanked for the last 10-15 mins of the war on like Below 50hp, not 500hp i mean literally 50 and low, she was nearly dropped to 4hp but she managed to survive thanks to good binding (ipwnuwitrang and Mr matt mage) and help from the clan, thanks everyone and what a great 3 Rounds we had, have to admit, Pkm gave us a hell of a war, much Respect to Pkm. Round 3 Winner : Lethality ~ Random Pics Throughout the War *Recap credits to kassie.
  7. Ok tk im not here to discuss who win or not, or who went out of bounds or not, because you won and i dont care who gets the points, i want to make you realized what you`ve done. Lets start off by you coming to a war with afros, where you were the ones who declared, One of the main keys for going along in life is respect, do you think you gave lth the respect we deserve by starting off by coming to a war with afros? Also just think about this, dont do what you dont want others to do with you, probably myself would of taken you seriously even after the afros thing, and would try to demostrate you the true value of respect, but you cant really complain about itzgu to going to your portal and joking around, when you didnt took lethality serious, nor a twr war. Please read it all, and think if it was done right. (Especially to former lth members now in tk, thats not what your learn in lth)
  8. Do you consider mass binding as sniping? Yes, no, and why.
  9. Amazing war tr, had lots of fun, was first pile and enjoyed tanking all your opts :D
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