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Lvl 73 (p2p) looking for clan.

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I know I'm not the highest level but I can only get higher, right?


For stats try the HighScores List, if the skills you want are not there, well, obviously I don't hae them.


Looking for a clan/team/conglomerate with a preferablly good reputation, and plenty of activity and a friendly community.




Hope to hear from you guys soon.






Ingame Name: Ebony_End

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Nëon is a fun clan which was original started from The Shadowed Legion. It was started by one of Mr. Blah Man's successors, Jaeslyn, when he decided to retire. The Shadowed Legion had a rich history and tight friendships, so Jaeslyn decided to partner with Bigman Sword to create Nëon as we know it today. Neon is growing fast daily, and has a loyal group of core members devoted to having fun together and helping out each other.




We do our best at Nëon to make all members feel welcome and valuable. We have a strong, mature leadership that is dedicated to Nëon's success. We have fun events, skill and train together, and do some casual warring. We also have extremely active forums and a mature leadership staff.








About Neon


Clan Owners


    [*:1rn3di39]Bigman Sword


Clan Leaders








Clan Chat




Clan Attire


Rune (g) Armor, Neon "Fancy Boots", Yellow Gloves, Team-13 Cape




P2P: 28 | F2P: 29




Tyr's Guard






PORT: 6749


Guests allowed.










    [*:1rn3di39]70+ Combat OR 800+ Total Level
    [*:1rn3di39]10 Posts on the forums per month minimum






Staff Positions




Nëon selects staff members based on positive attitude, willingness to work, and talents and skills. There are many opportunities to help out on staff, but ALL members are encouraged to take an active role in promoting the clan's success. Each staff position has a specific function and maintains a certain part of the clan.




The current ranks are:




    [*:1rn3di39]Clan Owner
    [*:1rn3di39]Leaders - Head of Activity, Head of Development, Head of Moderation, and Head of War
    [*:1rn3di39]Events Team
    [*:1rn3di39]Web Design
    [*:1rn3di39]Web Development
    [*:1rn3di39]Recruitment Staff
    [*:1rn3di39]War Captain







Events and Activities




Neon does many different types of events whether they are created by the Events Team, War Staff or just an ordinary member. Sometimes they aren't even planned, as people just hop into the clan chat, grab a few friends and go. Warring is one of the main activities that Neon participates in although we are not a warring clan.




A List Of A Few Events:


    [*:1rn3di39] Against All Odds (P2P)
    [*:1rn3di39] Allied Clan Events
    [*:1rn3di39]Avanise Trip
    [*:1rn3di39]Barbarian Assault
    [*:1rn3di39]Blast Furnace
    [*:1rn3di39]Boss Killing
    [*:1rn3di39]Burthorpe Game Area
    [*:1rn3di39]Castle Wars
    [*:1rn3di39]Clan Meetings
    [*:1rn3di39]Clan Pictures
    [*:1rn3di39]Clan Wars
    [*:1rn3di39]Cow Assault
    [*:1rn3di39]Dire Consequences (P2P)
    [*:1rn3di39]Drop Parties
    [*:1rn3di39]Duel Arena (Tournaments)
    [*:1rn3di39]Fist Of Guthix
    [*:1rn3di39]God Wars Dungeon
    [*:1rn3di39]Great Orb Project
    [*:1rn3di39]Kalphite Queen
    [*:1rn3di39]King Black Dragon
    [*:1rn3di39]House Parties
    [*:1rn3di39]Pest Control
    [*:1rn3di39]Skilling Races (The Claim to Fame)
    [*:1rn3di39]Soul Wars
    [*:1rn3di39]Stealing Creations
    [*:1rn3di39]Team Events (Skilling Legion and Signature of the Week)
    [*:1rn3di39]War Practices


A v a .


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How to Join | Forums | Runehead ::.-




warjt8.gif Introduction warjt8.gif


.:: About TRR ::.


TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Every member is welcomed into the family, no matter how new to Runescape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed environment, in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of Runescape to have fun?




By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played Runescape. Many people believe having no requirements is one reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal. We help each other out, whether it be in Runescape or real life situations.




warjt8.gif Key Information warjt8.gif




.:: Clan Leaders ::.


Tragic Shadows




.:: War Record ::.


Full Out | Fun | Matched


[ 6 - 2 ] [ 1 - 0 ] [ 0 - 0 ]


.:: Clan Cape ::.


Team-33 (Green)


.:: Home Worlds ::.


P2P: 64 | F2P: 93


.:: Alliances ::.




.:: Primary Time Zones ::.


GMT | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific


We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.


.:: IRC Channel ::.




.:: Clan Chat ::.


The RS Rebel


.:: Base Type ::.


F2P & P2P


.:: Memberlist ::.




.:: How To Join ::.






warjt8.gif Requirements warjt8.gif


.:: We'd Like You To... ::.


Maintain RS and forum activity.


Attend as many Runescape events as possible.


Show respect to all members and staff.


While on Runescape, use our clan chat and/or IRC channel.




warjt8.gif Events warjt8.gif


.:: Overview ::.


Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events. Our clan puts it's members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be. We only ask that you're mature and respect everyone else in the clan. We welcome and encourage members to host and create their own events!




warjt8.gif Media warjt8.gif




.:: Videos ::.


KBD 1 | KBD 2 | KBD 3


Clan Wars 1 | Clan Wars Practice |


Green Dragons


How To Join TRR


1st Clan Event


TRR vs GoG


*Note that TRR was previously referred to as TR/TM, as referenced in some videos.*





.:: Pictures ::.






Please feel free to post any questions or suggestions you may have on our site. Thank-you!


We hope to see you soon!




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