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[PKRI]Darkness Awaits vs Autark - 2 hour cap lasting 1 hour.


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Darkness Awaits Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=wally1




Autark Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=autark




A week ago, I asked Autark for a week prep with the following rules agreed with:




Melee/binds/range only


rings allowed




no corrupt allowed


A minimum of 3 rune items


Lower opts attack






So earlier this week, I set up a war with an Clay from Autark, and we set it for 4pm est. So I went on to post it on the forums, but unfortunately I posted 4:30pm est for WAR, by mistake, as I was asking for 4:30pm est originally, but I agreed on 4pm est, so I kinda messed DA's mass time up as we had a great sign up =S, sorry guys. So we really had 3 minutes to mass up to bh bank and go up to moss giants. I personally didn't have time to assign set snipers/rangers/binders, so we rushed up to moss giants and hopped and met Autark.




Starting for DA: 60 opts/20 people + 1 logging in






Starting for Autark: 60 opts/20 people






So the war started off as Autark got first attack, and both piles were down at the same time. After piling Autark's first fall in leader, Autark seemed to have lost some sort of organization. At the same time, they had none to one sniper or so. Their binders started to weaken, as our snipe unit also got out of hand mid way through. Near the 1 hour mark, we got most of our opts back and gained more people as our piles got stronger and dropped quicker. On DA's side, we had about 3 snipers on us that were not in Autark, so we thought they were randomers but we kept on going. We were told by our DA snipers that Autark decided to go to moss giants because of randomers aswell. A clan of 90s piled us but bailed after killing one member.




Before the war, I was pm'd by Chris_For_Ska about crashers/randomers:










Autark were at mossies as Clay and Monkytrix got together on a different vent to talk it out because they accused DA of calling people to snipe. We offered to hop worlds or get an AC but Autark did not want it. So as Autark were at singles at moss giants, we decided to claim the win in a 2 hour cap that lasted 1 hour long due to the fact that they didn't any proof of us calling snipers, so they walked out.




Ending opts for DA: 90 opts/30 people






Ending opts for Autark: 36 opts/12 people






^ The best pic we could get




It was unexpected of Autark to walk out on us, as we both agreed that we would of cleared crashers if we both contacted each other again, but I wasn't told about anything untill AFTER Autark went to moss giants and decided to walk out as were waited at members gate still.




Thanks for giving us a fight atleast, I hope we can move on in the future and have more fights as and get over whatever differences we have had.




Random Pictures:



















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