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Slayer 173's goals :)

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im new to tip.it forums so i just thought id make a little goal blog




heres a screan shot of my highscores from 10:00 GMT 4th september 2009








so yeh tell me what you think i should improve




at the moment when i do play i am wcing, my little target that i will probobly bail out of is 90 wc 99 fishing




i am free to play at the moment and will be back to members after a very nice long break :)




i do have a pure but im never on it anymore so just click the link next to my name if you wana see how awesome it is lol



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uhm...for one, since your skills are ohh so close, get base 80 (in the ones you can currently train), which is only 2 skills. mining and RC.

~ 3,072nd to 99 Mining on August 30th, 2009 ~
~ 112,084th to 99 Magic on April 16th, 2011 ~

~ 131,681st to 99 Crafting on March 29, 2019 ~

~ 178,385th to 99 Prayer on April 2, 2019 ~

~ 234,921st to 99 Defence on May 9, 2019 ~

~ 173,480th to 99 Herblore on June 21, 2019 ~

~ 155,160th to 99 Smithing on July 16, 2019 ~

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thanks for your comments :)




and for the 80 mining 80 runecrafting those 2 skills are my least favourite skills lol but i shall give it a go eventually :P hehe




and for fishing im guna do that p2p at the moment i am only ftp for a little while so i will be wcing for the time i am ftp and after i am members again i will look forward using my inferno adze for 90+ wc then 99 fish then 99 wc :)





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