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  1. thaanks :D its nice to hit 400+ with range constantly
  2. no such thing as row only they just came out same time as row update
  3. v helm = prayer 2 = only for tanking for duo i prefer using void tbf 3 = dps 4 = i use knock out p pots arent really an issue anywhere
  4. Jagex has turned into a money-hungry communist company who doesn't care about their players one bit anymore ========================== thats just mmg jagex have lost a [cabbage] load on bots, its all over forums by j mods on how they have also spent alot of money on high lawyers to get rid of the bot making companies, according hlf (max forum) there nearing the end of all of it, and "it will all make sense soon" (mod mat k) they cant tell us legal reasons what there doing, but there working hard to get rid of chinese sweat shops (i can show images if needed if you dont know what they are) in hlf thre are stickies about getting rid of bots, its only on hlf as if it was on regular forums it would just get trolled, but using a forum only 2k people can use it wont get spammed, so yeah get facts right before accusing the maker of the game you spend mostly on (im guessing)
  5. this your dungeoneering, = do best for dungeoneering, your only 90 strength you still have alot more to go so carry on with strength attk you can do while slayer
  6. considering you have said, it disapears when you log in obviously its not adertising on p2p and as it obviously ecognises your a p2p user now so it goes away your not logged in when you load so.... silly
  7. low alching ore at lrc when you can do it with urns + lava titan = 90k xp per hour is lots of clicking but mage xp and mining xp is very good imo also with mining juju = profit still (not alot but ye)
  8. that cape is fake you suck

  9. lol im slowly doing 120 dg, but i wont get it asap lol
  10. nom nom nom nom spammed

  11. 14m slayer 44m cook 20m firemaking 45m stre 15m woodcutting 21m magic
  12. i thought it was amusing haha ops sig? haha :$ :oops:
  13. you have good luck 3-4 hours and getting d pick, and before 2 d picks... thats good luck... on first pic why were your lp prayer and sum purposly turned white so we cant see?
  14. so on 11th of august 2011 you were able to create your own rs t-shirt, show them of here
  15. (fireamking 20m xp) (magic 21m xp) (wooductting 15m)
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