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Basic pvping these days: how does it work?


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Hi everyone,




at first i'd like to say that i'm unfamiliar with the new runescape. I played from about 2002-2004 with first year just pve'ing and second year I started getting interested in the pvp part. Imho runescape wasn't all brilliant and I started getting bored with the pve part really fast, but when me and my mate discovered pvp.. my god, we had loads of fun. Tip.it was back then probably the best runescape help site with the most active forum and I was always looking at the pvp kills in the graveyard section.




Now i just have some basic questions regarding pvp:




- What's up with this 26k and 76k trick? From what I've understood reading some posts here (not all, there were simply too much) you just go out in to the wild with a mate who's about the same cb lvl, you wait till you get EP full and then you kill your mate, possibly winning a lot of valuables without your mate losing anything (why doesn't he lose anything?)




- How about that new drop system? When i played the pvp part in 2d, you just received what someone had on him, nothin' more nothin' less. From what i've read, you can basically kill someone with full rune armour and receive just rune legs?




- Multiway combat: what, where and when? So apparently you can't attack someone who is already in combat unless you're at least in lvl 45 wildy. But then you could be attacked by someone who is 45 cb lvl's higher then you, right? So doesn't even matter that you're with a group of lets say 4 lvl 50's cause if you meet 2 lvl 90's pvp'ing out there, you're gonna lose, or is there a lvl restriction lower than the wildy lvl in multiway pvp'ing?




- In the first question I mentioned EP's but I don't even know what it is.. Am I right when saying you get EP's from being in the wild with valuable items, killing other players, going to higher lvls in the wild? And that you get a bigger loot having your EP full because that means you've spent a lot of time in the wild risking alot?




- Last question concerns RWT: Again from what I've read (I only played the 2d version) I think this concerns killing a friend in the wild, the goal being to exchange items because it's not possible anymore to trade them without giving anything back (thus giving a serious advantage to people with other high lvl main chars) of significant value. Am I right, and what does RWT stand for?






Sorry for these (probably) newb questions, but i'd really like to get in to runescape pvp'ing again with my mate. Unfortunately, i'm getting the feeling that i'm not really gonna like the new pvp system..

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26k/76k trick is just a way for people to make money without having a very high chance of losing money, I'm not going to go into because I don't want more people doing it.




The new drop system if based on your EP (Earn Potential) which goes up by 20 I believe every 30 minutes you are in a hotzone such as right outside of grand exchange. If you get really high EP say like 200 you could get alot more then what your target acually has on them, which is what 26k/76ers are doing.




The wildy is sort of the same on bounty hunter worlds like the wildy lvl goes up and thats the max level difference between you and another player. (You probably already know that)




RWT stands for Real World Trading which is where someone pays for Runescape money with real money. Now that they have the new drop system and everything it is very hard to do.




Also you have a very high chance of getting everything someone else has if you get them as your target on a bounty hunter world but you have to wait atleast 20 minutes or more to get a target.

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