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Swept Away

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In the quest Swept Away, in part 8: Aggie, at the end it says: "Speak to Aggie to return to her house and get the broomstick enchanted." after you sweep away the sand. In actual fact, the broom gets enchanted as soon as you sweep away the last line of sand. You still have to go back to Draynor (obviously), but you don't have to speak to her again to get it enchanted.


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Drops: 2x D Chain, 1x D Legs, 2x D Left Half, 1x D spear, 2x D med (monsters), 5x D Med (Barrows), 4x D Axe, 2x Zerker, Abyssal whip x1, 7x D Boots

Barrows items: 55 (not counting the meds)

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