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Looking to start a clan

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So, while I'm looking for a clan, what I really want to do is look for like minded people who want to START a clan. If you're one of the like-minded people who don't want to do too much work in getting a clan started, well I happen to come in handy, since I have a whole clan layout already set up, I'm just looking for the nearly-a-dozen people to come together with myself and find this clan and what it is all about.


So, if you want to know what it is I've looked for and am also offering, it's below

-Non Warring

-Non Pking



-Monster Killing

-80+ cb (f2p), 80+ mage/range (2nd option), & 900+ total lvl

-p2p status required



If you, like me, fit the description below and are looking to form a clan like I am, please hit me up with a pm, so as we can take the discussion further.

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Yeah, as stated above, I have a clan layout, meaning everything is already made, I'm just looking for fellow people to help run it with me. (I.E. looking for a clan) If there are the people who don't want to be stressed with having to come up with the creation of a clan, I offer that as well as my experience, then I leave certain jobs (while also focusing my efforts on the clan) to certain clan members (council, high council, recruiters, acceptance team, etc...) And while I'm looking for a clan to come together, I need to find ten others like myself who can come together and make this work with what I've got started.


So hopefully that clarifies, instead of looking for an already made & active clan. I'm looking for the clan that just needs to come together leader-wise under the type of clan layout that has been premade by myself to have something of a redefined sense of meaning in runescape (and trust me, it's like nothing anyone has seen since about the time of the golden ages or the rsb.)

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