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where to train range in f2p


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I trained to lvl 77 range on ice giants in the dungeon south of Port Sarim where you mine the Blurite ore for the Knight's Sword quest. There is a safe spot behind some icicles in the corner of the room. Just beware of the Ice Warriors, they're aggressive and can be slightly annoying until they become non-aggressive.


EDIT: Seeing as you have 1 def they would rip right through you... Um you could probably do hill giants, there are several safe spots, keep the bones and sell them? If not there is always moss giants with a few safe spots.

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yes you can do ice giants but you can also do moss giants there still good exp sense your lvl 1 def you will have to go to the north room of 2 moss giants there are some safe spots in that room and good for earth runes which are kinda good money if you think about it

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I use minotaurs with iron arrows in the stronghold of security. There are lots of safespots, and they are easy to kill.




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The SoS offers the BEST combat xp anywhere in f2p. Take a look at my guide for more info, link in sig.

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